Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, Modcloth...

So, during my daily online store browsing, I saw several cute dresses at Modcloth. I was thinking to myself, I would me more than estatic to get any of these. I'd probably even hug someone if they got it for me, and I avoid hugs at all costs. I'd probably even talk in that high pitched voice I get when I'm really excited. And now I'm wishing my birthday would just get here already so I could perhaps get one of these...

Clockwise from top left: $130, $50, $90, $70, $75, $85.

However, the two in the top left corner are not an option because I am looking for dresses that aren't blue. I buy way too many blue clothes and I don't even think it's a flattering color on me!

My day wasn't that bad but now I'm stuck home alone because my friends are off at the dance. I don't do school dances; it requires paying money to enter my school and listen to bad music. But I'll do prom because they're not in my least favorite place and it would give me an excuse to get all dressed up.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Cardigan - Forever 21, tshirt - American Apparel, jeans - Delia's, shoes - Journey's

I'll write here because the pictures don't match. I feel like lately there has been much discussion about whether people with money dress better than people with less money, if you need money to be stylish, etc. The first thought that comes to my head is absolutely not! The majority of my school either wears expensive trash (Ed Hardy, Juicy tracksuits, etc.) or wants to wear expensive trash so they wear the Forever 21 version. But then I take a look at bloggers and people on Chictopia and some wear clothes that people on low budgets certainly would not be able to afford. Of course, there's the people who buy almost everything at thrift stores (I envy you SO much if you have good thrifting experiences), but there's some that have nice new clothes. I know that money doesn't equal style and style doesn't need much money, but it seems like everyone around me believes you need money to be stylish and it influences the way I think. And most of the people I know who are considered stylish shop almost exclusively at Urban Outfitters. They present their items really well which makes me want to buy everrrything and their clothes are cute, but they're overpriced. Why does everyone idolize celebrities when there's tons of better dressed people out there? Because they wear designer items? I think the best dressed celebrities know how to find cute stuff anywhere, but that's besides the point. I just feel like I need more inspiration and motivation to break free from this idea and do things my own way. My thoughts are all jumbled and I am just reminding myself that today is Thursday and tomorrow is finally Friday... and everyone in my grade will be going to the soph dance, but I didn't want to pay money to spend more time at my school and I couldn't find a date who would actually stay with me when I would inevitably want to sit down somewhere and just talk the whole time rather than dance to bad music.

PS I got my hair cut. I'm not as in love with it as I was last time, but I'm sure it'll grow in nicely and once I get some pomade or whatever that stuff is it'll look nice. I feel materialistic...

I can't resist...

I can't resist any spread that has a California setting, especially when it's still cold here and probably getting warm out there. I think I'm going to visit some schools there if I ever have the opportunity, I know everyone disses the whole LA thing but I can't tolerate cold. But luckily it's a mild 55 degrees today, and it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow!

Just one of the photos from the Go West spread in Nylon March 09:

Looook at those leggings! Amazing.

And I'm listening to No Doubt right now. I've been meaning to download some of their songs for an unknown reason for the past week or so, and I finally got to it.

Oh, and I think I want a tattoo inspired by this eventually:

And, for my last "oh, and": I finally finished sewing this skirt that I've been meaning to work on for the past month, but the sides got all screwed up somehow. So I have to fix that little bit before I wear it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Normal.

I can't bear not having a typical post where I go on to describe my life, ha. It wasn't bad, especially for a Monday. I believe I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday, it's long overdue! I should have gotten it cut back at the eight week mark, which was almost three or so weeks ago. My hair only grows fast if it's above my shoulders, which sucks but I'll deal.

I've probably mentioned this a few times, but I can't wait until my birthday so I can get a job! I want to save up for stuff, such as a Nikon D40 and either a netbook or a cheap laptop. The camera seems to be at the low end of price range for DSLRs, but supposedly there's not many downsides to it. I wouldn't mind that it's only 6 megapixels, I've seen other peoples' photos that have been taken with it and they're very nice. I have literally no experience with SLR cameras of any type, but I think it'd be cool to teach myself. Does anyone have this camera? I'd like to talk about it.

And I'm sick of sharing a computer with a gazillion other people. I really have no "real" use for one of my own, but it would kill boredom, so if saving up is easy I'll put in a couple hundred dollars to get one.

Oh, and I kind of love this:

Although I'm not a fan of those headbands... I never really see that much on her, but her clothes are quite nice.

From: Style Sightings.

I'm behind on stuff. And my subscription for Nylon is so lame, last month's issue never came so I had to find somewhere to buy it, and I have a feeling it won't come this month either. So annoying! But I can't wait to read it because usually March issues of magazines convince you it's spring and it's very nice until you go outside.

The Oscars!

Just a few favorites from the Oscars...

Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab.
I know, she has a terrible reputation of trying too hard to be like Dita Von Teese, but since she hired a new makeup artist, I've thought she looked gorgeous at whatever event.

Natalie Portman in Rodarté.
I debated whether I liked this or not at first, but I decided I certainly do.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Couture.
Honestly I'm not a fan of the weird belt (whhhy did everyone try to put unnecessary belts on their otherwise pretty dresses?!), and it seemed like everything from the Oscars was totally decked on in sequins and sparkly things, but this is nice.

Ziyi Zhang in Armani Privé.
I've never even heard of her before, but this dress is so lovely.

Images from Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Why am I writing about the Oscars, a silly little awards show that only involves celebrities rather than Fashion Week? To put it simply, it's easier on my computer. It just can't take slideshows and it takes forever to load anything. So, yes, I'm impatient but my computer hates me...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After that...

It's been quite a while since I've posted! But every day was increasingly better than the previous and I'm so glad about that. So that means my weekend was pretty good... it was incredibly chill and I stayed at my house the whole time, but I had company. I'm so glad that within a week it will be March. February is always the longest month although it's obviously much shorter than the others. Once this is over, I always expect it to get instantly nice, but March is crazy when it comes to weather. But by the end of the month, all of a sudden it's mild. I'm excited.

By the way...

Victoria's Secret Pink came out with a vegan/organic body care line! I normally don't go in that store unless they're having one of their sales, but I think I may sometime soon...
The products here are $10, 15 and 12, but the last two are 2 for $20. Oh, and there's a coupon here for a free sample of some body lotion.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Didn't Work.

I completely forgot that I was supposed to be optimistic today, but I let virtually everything get me down. The two moments that made today horrible were: when I was thinking in one of my particular classes about how it's so useless and I asked myself "what the fuck am I doing?!" And I couldn't find an answer... and the other was after school when I had to walk home in the icy cold weather with no hood on my coat and when I got home I was drenched with rain/snow.

I can't stay here after high school. This weather gets me down way, way more than it should. Other people say they hate winter, but I don't think anybody understands that winter is truly my least favorite thing ever, out of everything I've experienced.

I would do anything right now to experience warm weather right now... and seeing a few palm trees wouldn't hurt:

This is from last year (around this time actually) when I went to Disneyworld. I wish winter was like this.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I'm Wearing and A Mix of...

Shirt - borrowed but it's from Forever 21, jeans - Bullhead, shoes - H&M

I didn't get to post anything yesterday, but I didn't have any ideas anyway. I didn't even get on the computer until 8pm. I hate sharing a computer with other people, which is why I'd like to save up for one of my own, or perhaps just a cute little netbook. I'm also considering saving up for a good camera once I get a job, which I will in a matter of weeks when I turn sixteen. I'm not really into photography, but I like pretty things. I don't know if that makes me sound shallow, but I like things that are visually attractive. And a camera is a good way to capture those images!

I wore these shoes for the first time today. I actually planned it out so I would be comfortable everywhere besides my feet because new shoes always hurt regardless, but after today I am so glad this shirt isn't mine because it's really uncomfy and these jeans didn't work well with the overall uncomfiness. Frankly, I'm unsure if I could have picked an outfit that was more uncomfortable... well, I probably could, but why would I try? I actually ended up changing into flats a little more than halfway through the day because I was tired of it. Today just wasn't that good. Tomorrow will be better if I convince myself it will be... I'm trying out this optimism thing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Just...

I've been in a pretty, er, glum mood since yesterday. I was assured today would be fine when I woke up, but after about two hours of laying in bed I decided I was still a bit down. By now this weekend has been so, so long and tomorrow is the last day we have off. Maybe I'll actually get stuff done. All I really have the desire to do right now is absolutely nothing... or everything, which in my mind would be going on some huge adventure.

These are not mine, but they make me feel nostalgic although I couldn't tell you why:

They're all from here, on Dripbook.

On a different note, I've been searching (like usual) for potential schools to go to once I graduate although I still have about a year and a half to decide. But a year and a half ago was the summer of 2007, mid-August... and that doesn't seem long ago at all. I also have course selection this week at school and I'm going to do everything I can to get studio art, photo I (and maybe II as well) and independent gym. I've actually come up with a possible schedule, but it may end up involving a ton of stress. It's funny how many honors and AP classes I'll be taking next year considering I probably won't even want to go in that kind of direction.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Want

Clockwise from left: tank - Urban, jacket - Urban, belt - Urban, necklace - Forever 21, shoes - Gojane, bangle - Asos, jacket - Urban, tunic (probably a dress on me) - Urban.

Ohhhh, why don't I have a job?! But my birthday is in less than six weeks and I am determined to find a job as soon as possible. Places apparently don't want to hire fifteen year olds with no experience :/ Lately I've really been wanting a fake leather jacket and it seems like Urban has the best ones, although I have seen tons of people with theirs from H&M but I couldn't find it. And it seems as if I'm obsessed with Urban Outfitters, but I actually can't shop in their stores without getting too overwhelmed. So I just browse online and wish for things until they sell out...

Well, happy Valentine's Day to those of you who are celebrating it in any way! I have no plans and no money because I blew it all yesterday.

And on another note, Victoria's Secret will be coming out with an organic vegan skincare line sometime in March (I've heard). I'm not sure if I'll have enough money for it, but maybe I'll be able to get some of it for my birthday.

Friday, February 13, 2009


After debating for probably a half hour, I bought these at H&M for $32. They were having a 20% everything sale, and I couldn't find a specific pair of heels I've been wanting since December. I found these, thought they were awesome but pretty high, but I noticed the huge platform. So I can actually walk in these and I'm wearing them right now in hopes to break them in (I even need to break in flats). They're my first pair of "just because" heels. Cool. I've been looking all over for relatively inexpensive but cute vegan shoes... and here they are!

I wasn't planning on buying anything today other than a vegan sandwich and a hugeee slice of vegan cake, but I ended up purchasing an Operation Ivy CD and these shoes. I haven't bought a CD in years, but I love them and I really don't mind spending money to listen to their songs.

I'm afraid that today is probably the last day of somewhat nice weather. To be honest, I was freezing today because I refused to wear a coat and opted for a sweatshirt instead, but walking a ton warmed me up. But within five weeks it'll be spring. Yeah.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm quite obsessed with her style. I love how well she dresses down, it doesn't look frumpy at all. She's probably shorter than I am, but she certainly doesn't look it!

My day was pretty interesting. The power went out in school and I couldn't tolerate the fact that they didn't let us out early, so I got an early dismissal. It was so windy! I saw a trampoline in a tree, that was pretty funny. I took a nap after I got home and I had the strangest dream ever. It's still creeping me out, actually.

I believe I'm going into Philly tomorrow, but I don't plan on buying anything because I'm broke for the most part, as usual. Still, it's nice to have a day off and what not.

Oh, and I'm terrible at titles. I wish I could think of catchy names, but I cannot.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Cardigan - Forever 21, dress - Pacsun, boots - Modcloth

I bought this dress last winter for $6. I've only worn it three or so times, but I fixed the sleeves so they won't get on my nerves and hopefully I'll wear it more once the weather is like this (and nicer) all the time. I love days like these.

And I find it funny that anyone makes any size of a deal out of Valentine's Day. People are all fretting that they won't have a date, but I just think it's a bit ridiculous... Well, I have to admit, getting my matchmaker thing back at school made me laugh so hard. I'm not exactly fond of many people in my school.

Oh, and I've been watching this video over and over again yesterday and today. Not only do I love this band and song, but the blazer that the girl in it is wearing is quite awesome as well. It's called Wine Stained Lips and it's by Catch 22, by the way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I'm Wearing

Jacket - Charlotte Russe, V neck - Forever 21, Jeans - Delia's, Flats - Charlotte Russe

My first outfit post! Well, since I have to explain everything, here's the story on my jacket: I recieved it as a Christmas gift in sixth grade, which was four years ago. I really loved it until people at school started asking why I was wearing a leather jacket. And as a sixth grader, I really cared for some reason. I found it in my closet a couple months ago, and I've kept it in mind since then. I've been experimenting with it and trying to find a way to incorporate it, and I thought I'd re-debut it today.

It felt so much like spring today and it's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. I'm sorry if I write about how much I want spring every day, it's just one of those things I do.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Want!

I give up on polyvore and trying to make sets. So, here's just a list of shoes I want but will not get until my birthday or until I get a job.

Vans, $42

Alloy, $30

Target, $20

Doc Martens, $120

Delia's, $10

Alloy, $40

Really upsetting. I also wish that there were non-leather Doc Martens available, or at least that I could get some cool secondhand ones. I'd let my fear of other people's shoes go if I could get my hands on something similar to these!

My outfit was nothing special today and the lighting everywhere was crap, so I'll try to get to that sometime this week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I hate Sundays, but I woke up and once I realized it was really nice out I went outside to spray paint my bookshelf I've been meaning to paint forever. I also have begun to alter a few clothes I've been meaning to for... ever, and I'm basically half way finished a plain black stretchy mid-waist skirt, I'm hoping it'll be like AA's interlock miniskirt, but I wouldn't know because I haven't seen it in person. I swear, nice weather turns me into a completely different person (not lazy).

I'm hoping I'll get to some outfit posts this week, but I've been a bum and haven't bothered getting changed today, so here's my favorite spread ever that reminds me of spring (from Cosmogirl, April 2007 [shocking]):

And I'm pretty sure the name of this spread (Cactus Flower) makes me want to live in a desert.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


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I'm so new to blogging. Be patient :)


Today has been pretty nice, the weather is very mild for winter, I went to Target and finally got the latest issue of Nylon, and there's an almost confirmed rumor that Blink 182 will be reuniting sometime this year to record a new album which might mean tour! I'm convinced this year is going to be amazing for music, with new albums from Rancid, Social Distortion (maybe? I heard it's all acoustic but they do acoustic well), Blink 182, and probably some I'm unaware of.

While I was at Target I remembered how I excited I am for the McQ for Target collection:

And then there's the I Heart Ronson collection at JC Penney, although I haven't seen any of these pieces online:

(All from Nylon)

Friday, February 6, 2009


For some reason I feel the need to explain everything, so I'll explain the title of my blog. I'm really unoriginal when it comes to coming up with names, so I was searching all over to find a song that had cool lyrics. I came across a song "Corazon de Oro." I happen to love Spanish, and I happen to love Rancid as well (although I'm not sure if this song is originally by Rancid or NOFX). And I found the words "nothing but a silhouette girl" so I went with it.

But I'm drawing a blank when it comes to explaining myself. For now, I'm Catherine.