Friday, August 28, 2009

Soon the summer will be over in the orchard...

Dress - Billabong, belt - flea market, sandals - Dolce Vita, bracelets - flea market, necklace - mom.

So much for my break. I decided to dress up for... BLINK 182! I'm sorry, I just really love them. And it was a great night. For once I didn't have to worry about my feet getting stepped on by fat sweaty guys. It was a refreshing change, to say the least.

Anyway, this past week has been adventure after adventure. Fun, exhilaration... I don't want it to end. And for once in my life I'm kind of involving myself in some drama, but I think I took the easy way out and made a bad decision. But surely I'll have the opportunity to fix it, or I'll just laugh about it later. Wish me luck?

Hope you're all well, and again, I apologize for my crazy posting schedule... I'll try to get back to all of your comments as soon as my mind is a bit clearer. xox Catherine

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm taking a break. I know I've been weird with posting lately, but I'm trying to balance a lot of stuff right now. In a good way though... I'm so glad my summer's ending up this way. Even if it is ending so soon.

Oh, and Alexa Chung:

both from Weheartit.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Tshirt - Wildfox (courtesy of Melting Fabric and Chickdowtown), shorts - DIY, sandals - Dolce Vita, cuff - Amrita Singh (from Ideeli).

An outfit post! Finally. I'm proud to say that my entire outfit was free with the exception of my shoes. I know it's not too complicated, but still, I love free stuff especially when it's stuff I'd buy anyway. This shirt is super comfortable and it makes me long to go to LA. Yeah, I've wanted to go there for years. And next summer I want to check out schools out there, particularly Otis.

My computer is still being a bit screwy but I decided it was time to post an outfit. It's weird how much I missed it... I'm sorry I haven't responded to any comments, but I've been busy to say the least. Maybe within the next couple days I'll purchase my Macbook! Hm.

Well, I'm off to bake brownies and then enjoy summer with a friend and some beverages. Hope you're all doing wonderfully.

xox Catherine

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Image credit: Weheartit

I love this.

And since I'm sitting in the peace of my own home without my computer spazzing at me for once, I thought I'd post a little something and extend my apology. I believe we're getting the computer fixed tomorrow, but either way, I'm pretty much decided I'm getting a Macbook - either the regular one or the 13" Pro. I have access to discounts, but still, I'm undecided on which.

I've really been missing reading all of your blogs, but I haven't had more than five minutes on the computer lately. And before it got the virus, I was out and about on the scavenger hunt which I have deemed to be my best summer memory for this year. Unless something better comes along when we celebrate... again.

I'm loving life.

xox Catherine

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Third try on this - I've had some pretty awesome times. I went on a scavenger hunt, did crazy things, and probably made some friends. It was truly awesome.

Now my computer has a virus and I am trying to figure out if buying a Macbook tomorrow would be a good idea... monthly payments of course. Ah, good thing I don't have to pay for anything else?

PS I've been up for the past three days, with the exception of two three hour naps. This is a little bad.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe so...

1. Gray blazer $78 - Urban Outfitters, 2. Coral bag $39 - Urban Outfitters, 3. Gray 5" platforms $30 - Urban Original, 4. Coral dress $74 - Chickdowntown, 5. Printed skirt $11 - Forever 21, 6. Navy skirt $20 - Forever 21.

I noticed all of these items are gray, navy or coral. I have enough gray, but I always feel like it's a fresher alternative to black. And in some cases, navy serves the same purpose. But they're all different shades of the same color. What do you know.

Anyway, I ended up going downtown today before work and I would show what I bought, but my camera isn't my friend in tungsten lighting. So, what did I buy? ...a blazer from Zara that I believed to be $30, marked down from $70. I put it on hold as I ran to the bank and browsed other stores, and when I returned it came to $20. Magical. ...a scarf that I plan to wear in my hair from H&M. It's either pinkish or coral, but it's bright and would distract people from my gross hair. Yeah, I really need a hair cut. ...None of Your Beeswax lip balm and Sakura solid perfume from Lush, that store is fantastic. I was a little ecstatic after my blazer was only $20, otherwise I only would've purchased the lip balm.

I feel like a spoiled brat going on and on about my purchases. I even feel like a spoiled brat for making that visual wish list above. But really, anything over $40 is basically out of my price range but I pretend I may just buy those items. And I work now - before I was employed, I went shopping virtually never. Ah, my justification for shopping/retail therapy.

xox Catherine

PS I'm now 100% obsessed with the shoes at Olsen Haus. They are totally vegan and nothing short of spectacular. Take a look. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to spend $200+ on a pair of shoes. But this company is really inspiring, and companies that make me feel good make me want stuff.

PPS I find it really ironic that the designer's name is Elizabeth Olsen, which is also the name of MK+A Olsen's younger sister. But they're huge fur fans (not hating on them, just observing), and this girl makes vegan shoes. Imagine that.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arrival of the shoes.

Tank tops - Target and Old Navy (, jeans - Delia's, shoes - Modcloth, jewelry - various

(...and I'll identify the bag sitting there, it was a freebie at Bath and Body Works and I've kept it in my locker all year. My school stuff is still in there)

And before I continue, a closeup of my new shoes:

I've been in a constant good mood lately. I'm hopeful. It's really nice for a change. Instead of moping around I've been doing... well, I'm doing my best to live my life. And these shoes didn't stop me from doing anything today! I went to see the Proposal with my friend, and it was actually very good. Some parts made me laugh hysterically and others made me cry.

Anyway, I'll just leave it at that. Hoping you're all well xox Catherine

Edit: I've walked a little bit earlier, and I took a walk around my neighborhood while wearing these shoes. They're barely uncomfortable, especially for being new heels.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ahh I'm upset, the coupon code I was planning to use on Urbanog must have expired yesterday.

So now I'm $2 short on the giftcard. Haha this is not fun :(

And I just checked my gmail email account and discovered I won a tshirt from another blog, but I probably didn't claim it in time.

Sorry, I just had to vent.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Deep In Summer's Eye.

Tshirt - H&M, dress - flea market, shoes - Dolce Vita, necklace - mom's, bracelet - flea market.

I clearly had a little fun taking pictures today! Finally wearing the dress I bought at the flea market! It's surprisingly very comfortable. I love it. I wore a tshirt underneath because I didn't feel like exposing my shoulders because that's such a scandalous thing to do (I'm just kidding/mocking my school). All I did was run a few errands, but I promised myself I'd dress up today just because I can. I never want summer to end. Ever. The weather is glorious, I'm free... and well, you get the picture.

And some silly photos, just for fun:

So... I got another gift card so I can purchase the gray heels from this post. I'm getting less and less cautious with my purchases, but I still have to think each item through before I buy it. I hate impulse buys. And I went to the mall yesterday and tried on Madewell jeans. I think I may want a pair eventually, perhaps a few paychecks from now? Haha.

I hope you're all well, having awesome days, and enjoying summer.
xox Catherine

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Soon to be...

mine: the shoes from the previous post, the woven ones. I know they're trendy, but there's something about them I absolutely love. I don't care that people I've asked personally have told me they don't like them - these are for me. I guess that's how I'll justify this spending also referred to as retail therapy...

xox Catherine

PS The other day I bought this sweater:

It's from Urban and usually I don't buy things from there due to the high prices. But I somehow couldn't resist the $19 price drop.

PPS I'm laughing a little bit right now because somehow the language on Tinypic has been changed.