Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, Modcloth...

So, during my daily online store browsing, I saw several cute dresses at Modcloth. I was thinking to myself, I would me more than estatic to get any of these. I'd probably even hug someone if they got it for me, and I avoid hugs at all costs. I'd probably even talk in that high pitched voice I get when I'm really excited. And now I'm wishing my birthday would just get here already so I could perhaps get one of these...

Clockwise from top left: $130, $50, $90, $70, $75, $85.

However, the two in the top left corner are not an option because I am looking for dresses that aren't blue. I buy way too many blue clothes and I don't even think it's a flattering color on me!

My day wasn't that bad but now I'm stuck home alone because my friends are off at the dance. I don't do school dances; it requires paying money to enter my school and listen to bad music. But I'll do prom because they're not in my least favorite place and it would give me an excuse to get all dressed up.


  1. I love those dresses! I would love to wear them dancing, well, if the music was good right! They are out of my price range, except the $50 one. I'm too cheap :P

  2. wow! gorgeous dresses!
    I was thinking about skipping the prom.. it seems so like commercialized. everybody's paying tonnes of money for dresses, fake tans and hair styles for three hours of dancing. I'm going to go for the cheapest dress on ebay and do nothing else haha!

  3. They're all beautiful, especially the floral one :)

  4. so i was definitely just on modcloth yesterday afternoon. somebody needs to offer me a shopping forreal. nice blog by the way :)

  5. Me encantó el vestido de flores, esta increible!!!


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