Monday, February 9, 2009

I Want!

I give up on polyvore and trying to make sets. So, here's just a list of shoes I want but will not get until my birthday or until I get a job.

Vans, $42

Alloy, $30

Target, $20

Doc Martens, $120

Delia's, $10

Alloy, $40

Really upsetting. I also wish that there were non-leather Doc Martens available, or at least that I could get some cool secondhand ones. I'd let my fear of other people's shoes go if I could get my hands on something similar to these!

My outfit was nothing special today and the lighting everywhere was crap, so I'll try to get to that sometime this week.


  1. I love the first Alloy sandals!

  2. I love shoes at affordable prices. I like all the selections. I have a blog with affordable fashion finds at

    Thank you,

  3. Beautiful... I love the Docs. I get my first ever pair in a few days & I'm *so excited*. And I think there are fabric ones available, quite sure I've seen them on some blogs.

  4. Hmm, these are the ones I was talking about: they sure do look like fabric. (after I ordered my docs I got some sort of voyeuristic pleasure by googling & checking out other people's docs.)
    I love your docs btw.


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