Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Want

Clockwise from left: tank - Urban, jacket - Urban, belt - Urban, necklace - Forever 21, shoes - Gojane, bangle - Asos, jacket - Urban, tunic (probably a dress on me) - Urban.

Ohhhh, why don't I have a job?! But my birthday is in less than six weeks and I am determined to find a job as soon as possible. Places apparently don't want to hire fifteen year olds with no experience :/ Lately I've really been wanting a fake leather jacket and it seems like Urban has the best ones, although I have seen tons of people with theirs from H&M but I couldn't find it. And it seems as if I'm obsessed with Urban Outfitters, but I actually can't shop in their stores without getting too overwhelmed. So I just browse online and wish for things until they sell out...

Well, happy Valentine's Day to those of you who are celebrating it in any way! I have no plans and no money because I blew it all yesterday.

And on another note, Victoria's Secret will be coming out with an organic vegan skincare line sometime in March (I've heard). I'm not sure if I'll have enough money for it, but maybe I'll be able to get some of it for my birthday.


  1. That is a great set of items !!!
    you speak english or spanish???


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