Monday, February 23, 2009

More Normal.

I can't bear not having a typical post where I go on to describe my life, ha. It wasn't bad, especially for a Monday. I believe I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday, it's long overdue! I should have gotten it cut back at the eight week mark, which was almost three or so weeks ago. My hair only grows fast if it's above my shoulders, which sucks but I'll deal.

I've probably mentioned this a few times, but I can't wait until my birthday so I can get a job! I want to save up for stuff, such as a Nikon D40 and either a netbook or a cheap laptop. The camera seems to be at the low end of price range for DSLRs, but supposedly there's not many downsides to it. I wouldn't mind that it's only 6 megapixels, I've seen other peoples' photos that have been taken with it and they're very nice. I have literally no experience with SLR cameras of any type, but I think it'd be cool to teach myself. Does anyone have this camera? I'd like to talk about it.

And I'm sick of sharing a computer with a gazillion other people. I really have no "real" use for one of my own, but it would kill boredom, so if saving up is easy I'll put in a couple hundred dollars to get one.

Oh, and I kind of love this:

Although I'm not a fan of those headbands... I never really see that much on her, but her clothes are quite nice.

From: Style Sightings.

I'm behind on stuff. And my subscription for Nylon is so lame, last month's issue never came so I had to find somewhere to buy it, and I have a feeling it won't come this month either. So annoying! But I can't wait to read it because usually March issues of magazines convince you it's spring and it's very nice until you go outside.


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