Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And even more!

And now these are coming into play. These are from Modcloth, and I love absolutely everything from there. Including these babies. They probably wouldn't work with the whole sock idea... but they look comfier, despite their lack of platform and 4" heel.

I'm itching to deposit my paycheck so badly. I'm thinking it may be a wise decision to wait just a little bit.

xox Catherine

PS All of my recent lusts have been shoes. Just something I've noticed, hah.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lazy day inspiration.

I hate cold weather and I'm sincerely dreading the end of summer and weather colder than 80 degrees. Everyone else is excited, but I can't find a single reason to be... except for trying to replicate this:

The comfy looking cardigan and tshirt (I'm a HUGE fan of Operation Ivy) are what do it for me. Maybe I'll actually give leggings a try. But oh, what I would do for a perfectly worn in Op Ivy tshirt. I just need to find some guy I can steal one from.

Trying to avoid getting ready for work by eating edamame and couscous. So delightful. xox Catherine

Photo cred: Weardrobe

PS I think I really want the shoes from my previous post, but I'm undecided on brown/tan vs gray. Hmmm...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I get my paycheck tomorrow, and my sour mood is lingering so I may try some retail therapy. I know that's a crappy answer to problems, but I'll ignore that... Anyway, Urban Og offers free shipping on orders over $50, and there's a few pairs of sandals I may want in addition to these. I've loved these ever since I saw them months ago on Gojane, and I finally encountered them again.

The thing is, they're basically legitimate stripper heels except they're a little less tacky. I admire those who can wear such high heels without looking the least bit trashy (Taghrid is my favorite example). They're 5" inches, and the platform is a whopping 1.75", which means the difference is only about 3.25" which really isn't much. And I think I could try to wear them with socks, a la Alexa Chung:

Alexa Chung platforms British flag @ Silhouette Girl
to break them in and tone them down.

I can't decide if it's worth it or not. I think I dress a little more maturely than some sixteen year olds, but at the same time I'm thinking "I'm sixteen, I never do anything that cool, why bother?"

This is what bad moods do to me...

Edit: oh, and there's these:

Miss Me Vina 4 Platforms @ Silhouette Girl

Still a little undecided on color, if I want them at all. They're less intense looking, but the heel is 5" and the platform is 1.25" so I'm imagining they'd hurt more.

OH, AND QUESTION - does anyone have miraculous things for wearing heels from Dr. Scholl's or such? I'd be grateful to hear any suggestions.

Photo cred: UrbanOg, knightcat.


Gray tank - Target, striped tank - random (my sister's), shorts - DIY cutoffs, belt - random, sneakers - Converse.

I went to a concert! ...this is obviously pre-show, considering I always get in the crowd and it ended up raining (it was outdoors). I saw Rancid for my second time. I'm a little bummed they didn't headline, and a little confused since everyone seems to have at least heard of them, but they were good.

Normally I find the shittiest clothes ever to wear to shows, and while this is far from extravagant, it's a little less simple than usual (for concerts). And it's basically what I've been wearing variations of for the past week. Oh, and I dyed my hair an auburn-ish color! I wish it had a little more gold tones in it, but I'm pretty satisfied.

My cuff kind of broke during the show, towards the end during the band I didn't even care about. Hm, seemed random, but I'm going to take it to a jewelry store in hopes they can fix it or something. Just because I love it far too much.

Oh, and my dog Sadie:

She's a golden retriever, she's a little silly, and she can roll over. I've never had a dog that could roll over before. She makes funny faces when someone pats her head. I like her.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little bit...

Tshirt - random, skirt - Target, shoes - Target, bracelets - various, bag on the floor - Deux Lux

I'm not in a good mood, the reasons range from hypocrisy to dealing with people all day. Work was really busy and I seriously think there's something up with the stars - I occasionally believe in astrology, now being one of the times. Anyone who can verify? Anyway, I'm saying this because everyone I've talked to in the past couple days has been upset for some reason or another at some point. And it sucks, I wish everyone could just cheer up. Eventually...

This outfit was so comfortable. I don't look it though, but that's because I'm a little down.

Hope you're all well, and please understand that I'm a little busy lately, xox Catherine

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I couldn't resist giving a preview of my fabulous flea market dress. I really need a strapless bra, I have two strapless dresses I love but have yet to wear.

I was expecting this to be an upbeat post, but I'm going to lead it in a negative direction... some things just don't seem important when you look around yourself. I'm not going to go in depth with this, but I hope the best for everyone and everything. RIP :(

xox Catherine

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This photo evokes so many memories. I've never been in a room that has looked remotely like this, but the windows remind me of this one house I stayed at down the shore. And the little white wicker chair reminds me of another house I stayed at.

This calms me. I imagine waking up with the sun in my face, ready to ride a bike around the town (I believe I said in my previous post I cannot ride a bike... but after a few incidents coincidentally down the shore, I've stopped) with my hair in a complete mess, sunglasses on, picking up fresh fruit...

It's funny. The last time I was at the beach, last week, it was kind of upbeat-let's-do-stuff... but this calms me. Ah, how I'd love this day after day.

xox Catherine

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've been doing some thinking, now I just don't know.

Gray tank - Target, skirt - vintage, sandals - Target, jewelry - various.

I'm about to have a fit, my computer is acting up! But at least I've discovered a temporary fix...

Anyway, today is/will be busy. I went to the city for an appointment, went to the movie theater to get tickets to see Harry Potter tonight, then came home. And I'm going to go see Harry Potter, I'm soooo excited! I'm such a huge nerd, but in the best way? Haha.

Yeah, I guess I'm entering the bike contest on Chictopia! (PS If you're not a member already, I'd recommend joining! And if you want to make me happy, you can use my referral code: CATHERINEE555)

Hope you're all wonderful, and please understand if my posting is sporadic and a bit hectic lately. xox Catherine

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My internet has been down since a bad storm on Saturday night... I came back from the beach on Friday (the post on Thursday was a scheduled post!), but I slept for a mere three hours so I was exhausted.

The past couple days have involved working, denim cutoffs and vneck tshirts.

And a quick little thing on the flea market/sale: I wasn't at the flea market for very long, but I got a vegan strawberry shortcut cupcake (DELICIOUS!!) and what I'm convinced is the absolute best dress ever. Seriously, I'm in love. I was a bit disappointed by the sale, but afterward I went to Gianna's, which I love. When I came home I was tired as hell, and then I had to work, but it was alll good since I was working with a coworker who I find very attractive. I'm such a creep.

xox Catherine

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Featuring: Rolling Stone Vintage

We all know that vintage is more interesting than clothing bought from mass retailers because it tells a story. I guess we even all know that it's eco-friendly. And if you're anything like me, finding the perfect vintage clothes can be a bit intimidating because there's no place to start.

Allow me to introduce you to Rolling Stone Vintage. Not only is it stocked with fabulous, beautiful, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces such as these (sigh, I need to save up some money!):

...but there's also a Vintage Clothing Shopping Guide, a Guide to Vintage Clothing (includes sizing information, and very helpful information on how to store clothing to make it last!), and monthly specials to make finding the perfect item a little less stressful on your wallet.

Oh, and free shipping on all orders regardless of the size? Doesn't get any sweeter, does it?

xox Catherine

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sometimes I love my city...

Now of course, the amount of shops probably do not even compare to NYC or LA, but for this Saturday? I think I'm content...

The Punk Rock Flea Market, with tons of handmade goods, secondhand stuff, vintage clothes, and awesome jewelery. I have a few pieces from here, including the pink dress I wore in a recent post! I've never been to the summer one, but I've been to the past two winter ones. And this time, it's two days, so it's less crowded, but I'm only free on Saturday morning. But I have a feeling Saturday will be the "better" day.

And then there's this... I've never been to this, but I think it's definitely something I'll try to check out. If there really is stuff that's 90% off, I'm there.

Yeah, looks like I'll be killing my feet again and walking around all over once again, but that's okay. I really, really shouldn't be buying anything, considering I still have to pay for my tuition to a summer art class I'm probably taking, I don't get my paycheck until Monday, and I'm going down the shore (aka the beach, I'm not sure if that's Philly dialect, haha).

Sounds like Saturday is going to be the busiest day ever... possibly all of this then work at 3pm. But you know, I think a super-busy day may be exactly what I need. Until I crash later that night, but I've had it with this boredom.

xox Catherine


As you could probably guess, I love cheap/free stuff. But who doesn't? Come on, getting a great bargain is basically an excuse to brag...

Also, as you could probably guess, as of late I've had a slight obsession with jewelry. And not the Forever 21 stuff that will tarnish in a week.

Well, this is the soon-to-be latest addition to my ever-growing collection:

$24, originally $70. Silver cuff with awesome design? Sold. By amrita singh, from Ideeli, which is a new website I'm slightly obsessed with.

PS Ideeli is invite only... but you can join by clicking here. Because it'd be wrong to not let anyone else know about this.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! Oh, and they have some pretty great giveaways I'd highly suggest entering. Because who doesn't love free stuff?

I'm wondering if it's a coincidence that the name sounds like the word "ideally"...

xox Catherine

Monday, July 6, 2009

Even all the things people say, nah, ain't affecting me...

Hat - Heritage, tshirt - Forever 21, belt - from a dress/flea market, skirt - H&M, sandals - (ha, these look familiar, don't they?) Dolce Vita, jewelry - mom/thrifted.

Today I spend most of my day walking around Philly, by myself. I do like it that way, though it can get a little lonely, whatever. Started in downtown/center city, ended up walking through Old City after I discovered Topstitch, a boutique I found last fall, had closed. I was going to go to Gianna's, but I always remembered them being closed on Mondays. So I went down to South Street, got some falafel at Maoz Vegetarian (I'd definitely recommend trying falafel), then walked a little, bought a new CD from a band I like, then went to Fabric Row and purchased reddish jersey that's hopefully a lighter weight than other ones I have. I'm planning on making my own version of Le Sac dress... seems really easy.

Well, in other news, I may dye my hair auburn. And my feet are absolutely killing me. And from being outside in my backyard for about five minutes, I got five bug bites. I'm just glad I put sunscreen on, otherwise I'd be burnt. Oh, and I may be going down the shore later this week! So excited.

Hope you're all wonderful! xox Catherine

PS These are really, really growing on me:

They're by Vegetarian Shoes, meaning I could buy/wear them and not feel guilty. I'd just have to prepare myself for ridicule from people I know... oh well, they wear ugly shoes too. And these are seriously fabulous.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Fourth of July, to everyone that lives in the USA.

from Weheartit.

Ah, and my night hasn't even begun yet...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pink and Black.

Dress - vintage from flea market, belt - flea market, shoes - Target, bracelets - thrifted/flea market.

I think I decided I have to attempt to make a pattern from this dress and try really hard to make it in cotton. I love it post-alterations. Oh, awesome, I could probably get a roll of paper to use to make the pattern from my work. Sorry, that's just a mental note.

This belt is from a dress that cost me $1 at the same flea market. Seriously, I need to fit it in my schedule to go July 11/12. But I think I work both days... glorious, eh? And I get paid the 13th. Ah, oh well.

So yeah, I didn't actually wear this anywhere... more just wishing that I had somewhere to go where it would be somewhat appropriate. Meaning somewhere air conditioned, because polyester is awful.

xox Catherine

PS I entered the I Love the 80's contest on Chictopia. I do not doubt that this dress is from the 80's, same goes for the belt. I also want to enter the bike contest because I could really use some exercise and I'd love a cute bike. Sigh.

PPS I want to try out a cropped top, but I wouldn't have any idea where to wear them without feeling scandalous and self-conscious. Any ideas?

Hell yes.

Alexa Chung Adam Brody @ Silhouette Girl

...just because I'm obsessed with Adam Brody (the OC reruns, anyone?) and happen to love Alexa Chung's style. Basically, I'm jealous.

image from Weheartit.

Hope you're all lovely, and thanks to everyone who left nice comments on my last post. Certainly cheered me up a little bit :) xox Catherine

PS I got my first paycheck on Monday! It was only two days worth, but it's a pretty decent amount. And so far, my job is really fun, actually. I'm pretty happy about that.

PPS I think every guy should own a plain heather gray tshirt. I don't know what it is about them, but I find them incredibly sexy. Basically, whenever I see an attractive guy wearing one, it's awesome.