Thursday, February 26, 2009

I can't resist...

I can't resist any spread that has a California setting, especially when it's still cold here and probably getting warm out there. I think I'm going to visit some schools there if I ever have the opportunity, I know everyone disses the whole LA thing but I can't tolerate cold. But luckily it's a mild 55 degrees today, and it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow!

Just one of the photos from the Go West spread in Nylon March 09:

Looook at those leggings! Amazing.

And I'm listening to No Doubt right now. I've been meaning to download some of their songs for an unknown reason for the past week or so, and I finally got to it.

Oh, and I think I want a tattoo inspired by this eventually:

And, for my last "oh, and": I finally finished sewing this skirt that I've been meaning to work on for the past month, but the sides got all screwed up somehow. So I have to fix that little bit before I wear it.

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  1. those leggings are amazing, like a spider's web!


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