Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Cardigan - vintage via mom, top - Cooperative, cuff - antique via grandma, jeans - Delia's, boots - Deena and Ozzy

I would probably elect to wear this bracelet everyday if it wasn't so substantial. I always feel so much more careful about pieces that belong(ed) to my family members because I imagine the memories they've had... Anyway, today's my birthday! I'm quite immature about it, despite my seventeen years. I don't even feel old. I had an early dismissal from school, and I ended up playing with puppies and getting a new phone. I'm really fascinated by it - it has internet! Whoa, I finally have a phone that's "up-to-date." And puppies are always adorable... definitely a part of a good day to enhance it or a bad day to make me feel better.

Along with being my birthday, it's my first day of spring break! I haven't much planned for this weekend except hanging out with some friends, but during the week I'll be heading up to New York. I'm excited!

Have a fabulous weekend, xox Catherine

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Forget

Cardigan - H&M, dress - Target, bracelet - Ideeli, necklace - thrift, boots - Doc Marten

Yesterday's outfit was lackluster, so here I am today, Wednesday. The weather doesn't quite match last weekend's, but I'll deal. After all, 60 degrees is warm enough in my mind to ditch tights and pants if I so choose. Break starts on Friday (my birthday!!) which means teachers are piling work on us. I can't remember which tests I have when - needless to say, I'm already anticipating Friday night.

Picked up some falafel from a place in the city on my way home from an appointment... so delicious, especially with tabuli salad and hummus. Yum.

Hope you're all well and surviving the week! xox Catherine

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cardigan - BDG, scarf - H&M, dress - Billabong, bracelets - various, boots - Blowfish via DSW

Rainy Monday... but there's visible green on trees and there's daffodils sprouting in my front yard. I have a feeling this outfit will become a springtime default - so comfortable. I haven't really anything interesting to write about, but I desperately want a (few) cotton 40's and/or 50's (inspired?) day dresses. And pretty tops paired with skirts!

Sigh. xox Catherine

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cardigan - BDG, top - Macy's, skirt - Forever 21, sneakers - Ked's, bag - Deux Lux, necklace - antique

Yesterday was a "city day" - despite popping a tire and experiencing a "flash crowd" on South Street, it was fun. Found this cute little alley so my sister and I took photos. Ate at Gianna's, bought a cute top (from Urban, sigh), and a scarf from H&M. I was a little upset that we got to center city so late because I wanted to see the Garden Collection - but the store was torn apart!

I've fallen in love with Philadelphia again.

xox Catherine

Friday, March 19, 2010

Born to just never care

Cardigan - my mom, tshirt - American Apparel, necklace - antique mall, skirt - Target, shoes - Kimchi Blue

Despite everything that went wrong today, I'm keeping my head up. It's nearly impossible to be upset when the weather's this beautiful. After a dreadful, disastrous winter, it's nice to be able to enjoy some fresh air. 71 degrees - it's perfect. All that's missing is little flowers on the trees... for now. Come May, everything will be lush and green.

I'm not too sure of my plans for this evening, but tomorrow I venture into the city (as I do every Saturday morning) for my jewelry class. I really enjoy it - though I'm not as skilled in crafts as I am in traditional media (painting, drawing, etc.), it's so relaxing. Crafts just require continuous attention, otherwise something could go wrong... and it doesn't really give me an opportunity to think too much about stuff that's not important.

Hope all is well with you, xox Catherine

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Sit and Wonder

Cardigan - H&M, dress - Billabong, jewelry - old places, shoes - Doc Marten

I'm less thrilled with this outfit than those of the past two days, but this is incredibly comfy. And I've been itching to wear Doc Martens with a pretty dress sans tights. Plus I'm nostalgic and I wore this dress on March 18 last year, so naturally, I wore it again. Oh, the difference a camera makes!

I revisited my photo spot from last spring/summer, but I didn't take any photos due to er, animal waste. I haven't really been there since the snow melted/our deck broke, but there were some crocuses sprouting up. It was nice.

xox Catherine

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The quitter never wins!

Cardigan - Silence and Noise, scarf - H&M, dress - H&M, bracelet - Amrita Singh via Ideeli, shoes - Keds

I sort of feel like a nerd in this outfit with the white polka dot socks... less so now that I'm wearing (free trial pair!) contacts again. Wearing green today wasn't quite planned, though I sort of planned this outfit. Hey, I'm a little Irish (1/8, to be precise... I'm a bit of a mutt!). This weather is nothing short of incredible.

Being the girl that jumps around in dresses is so much more satisfying than being the girl that's afraid to mess up her hair. Just sayin'.

I'm looking forward to everything, but nothing in particular. This weather is just the best!

Bought some magazines, so perhaps I'll head outside to read them! Last month's issues of my favorite magazines were read on the train ride to NYC and in my hotel before anything went on. Just as well!

xox Catherine

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I Do

I've always been one to doodle all over my notebooks, and usually surrounding peers comment on how it looks nice, cool, etc. My doodles tend to be dark (but not gloomy - I'm talking about subject matter) and it seems that my art pieces end up being a little less involved with that. However, I've always been the "smart" kid in my family, whereas my sister has been the one to win art awards. But I'll admit - both of my siblings and I are quite artistic (genetics)! More recently, within the past two years or so, I've sort of made up my mind: I'm doing something involving art or design. My life plans switch between something in that gear, writing, and even the occasional thoughts about becoming a linguist.

I know I have talent, but I'm highly critical of my work - so I'll refrain from analyzing every little flaw within each piece. But as a "warning," these photos were taken from weird angles and have been cropped.

So here it goes!

Photo reference: here, via Flickr Creative Commons
*Note: paper is a little distorted due to bends occurring from water exposure, and it is propped up in an odd position.

Still life, observational
Acrylic paint

Observational (but I cheated - took a photo then did it in school)
Oil paint

Scratch board

Photo reference: unknown (ooops)
Oil paint

Still life negative space filled with "my thoughts"

Bicycle, observational

Self-portrait (sigh, via photo)
Conte crayon

Acrylic paint
*Note: this was my third painting, from October 2008. It does not feel like an appropriate illustration of my current abilities, but I've always kind of liked this painting for its odd subject (and I don't even like ketchup).

Photo reference: unknown (oops)
Oil paint

Where did you go?

Cardigan - H&M, tshirt - random, jewelry - all old, skirt - thrifted, boots - Deena and Ozzy

These pictures didn't come out too well for some reason, but I'm quite pleased with the weather. I got crazy looks from some people... apparently 55 degrees is still cold, but I'll take any opportunity to forgo tights.

I can see buds on trees and little flowers poking up. I can't wait to (hopefully) return to my favorite photo spot from last year, but my deck broke a month ago from the snow and we're going to get a new one.

Anyway, I felt a bit 80's in this outfit. Maybe it's the skirt from an overpriced thrift store that stocks mostly 80's duds, maybe it's the tshirt from a late 80's band, maybe it's the motorcycle jacket I wore on top of this outfit... Either way, I like it.

I'm glad that this nice weather isn't totally foreign to me... must mean spring's here! Four days away!

I believe I'm going to go out and get Chinese food with a friend in a little bit - yum! Hope you're all well, xox Catherine

PS I took photos of all my art work... now it's a matter of cropping them all and putting together a post! Expect it sometime soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Other Parts

Blazer - Silence and Noise, tshirt - Wildfox, skirt - H&M, tights - American Eagle, boots - Modcloth, cuff - my mom

First, a little bit about my outfit - this blazer is tearing apart at the seams. I like it, and I should probably be a little gentler with it, but I wear my clothes. Case in point. I wear these tights entirely too much - well, they're pretty much one of the only pairs I have. And I haven't worn these boots, what, all winter? I seemed to have replaced them with my sturdier Doc Martens. But studded booties? So cool. Really wish I could have ditched the tights though... maybe tomorrow, when the sun returns!

Now for my surroundings - I'm waiting for a sunny day so I can take photos of my artwork in nice lighting, but the telephone booth in the corner is a painting of mine. I've probably mentioned that before, so it serves as a horrible "preview" - but I'll get it up soon! And the tan wedge booties next to me? I'm not sure I've mentioned they broke a little bit on a, er, rough night. I can't wait to bring them somewhere to be fixed and wear them.

I've decided I also want to do some sort of jewelry post, especially since I'm currently taking a class devoted to the creation of metal objects (including jewelry).

Hope you're all well! xox Catherine

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I think there's times when everyone needs a break from the internet... which explains my recent not posting quite as much deal. The weather is now rainy and dreary, but I've been keeping my head up anyway. After all, spring is just a week away (and tomorrow we change the clocks - I always get really excited over this!).

I believe I'll be returning to NYC over spring break and I'm so excited. Since it's my birthday in two weeks (and the start of my break! how lucky, right?), I think I'll just request spending money for the trip.

Anyway, I've been doodling flowers and making spoons lately... see:

I really want to do a post of my artwork soon, as well as one of my room. I always take photos in the same spots - but my room is a bit more exciting than the same blue wall I always use! (or so I like to think...)

I'm really hoping to get back into the swing of things next week. I haven't even gotten around to buying all the April magazines on sale yet, but I'm thinking a cleanse from such sources could possibly be a good thing. Besides, the April issues are never really substantial.

Oh, and I've been given an award by Erin at Spreading the Sunshine.

I'd like to pass it to:
Noshabelle at Walk on the Wild Side
Katie at Styling Simcox
Pauline at Paulinabelle
Annie at Time Enough for Drums
Lydia at Style is Style

xox Catherine

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something in the air

Cardigan - H&M, tshirt - Pacsun, skirt - Forever 21, jewelry - thrift, socks - Target, boots - Deena and Ozzy

As I sit here typing this, there is a pleasant breeze entering the window. I went sans tights today, despite my pale/bruised legs. But tights are always uncomfortable to me, so this is certainly preferable. A friend commented on my combination of "shades of black" and brown today. They're neutrals, and I'd quite rather wear brown boots with this outfit.

My camera died as I was taking these, otherwise I would've had photos with better lighting. Oh well.

xox Catherine

Monday, March 8, 2010

But she doesn't care.

Jacket - Silence and Noise, cardigan - vintage via my mom, tshirt - H&M, jeans - H&M, flats - Kimchi Blue, necklace - antique, cuff - flea market

Went to the park for a "photo shoot" with my sister. I think today is just a really photogenic day for me, hence why this post is very picture heavy. My weekend was quite interesting. Made another spoon, saw Alice in Wonderland (sadly not in 3D), and then went to a party at a friend's house. No pictures from that day... especially later on.

Anyway, the weather has been really nice here lately, meaning nothing below 55 degrees. Yeah, yeah, yeah... that's cold in comparison to other places, but if it allows me to put my bulky coats in the closet, I'll gladly accept it.

Oh, and this is kind of a joke, but at the same time I quite like it:

Me being a silhouette girl.

I just can't wait until the grass is green and the sun shines till 7 o'clock.

And just to get a little personal with this post - the last time I was at this park was during summer, with a few friends. I recall ending up here on numerous occasions (one of which ended in us waltzing home in the pouring rain), but one in particular also involved, er, spray paint. What was formerly a single fluorescent pink peace sign covering messages of hate now stands with a black one. I don't know, for some reason it just feels symbolic to me.

Happy Monday! xox Catherine