Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Simple Life Can Be.

Cardigan - BDG, top - Asos, skirt - Target, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Doc Martens, necklace - thrifted

Today was pretty dull... not much going on in school, but I had detention after. I'm not even going to vent about that. And tonight's my school's variety show - basically the only event I'd bother paying for.

Anyway, I thought it was supposed to rain today so I wore my Docs. Of course, it didn't. It's not really nice out, but the sky is still nice and blue. I'm really tired. I totally need to find a way to get more than 5 hours of sleep each night. It just doesn't seem possible! Can't wait until my high school days are behind me.

I'm sick of everyone being motivated by their own selfishness. Including me.

xox Catherine

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nobody ever told her.

Cardigan - H&M, tshirt - Pacsun, jeans - H&M, boots - Deena and Ozzy

Today consisted of my lingering anger from yesterday (if you follow me on twitter, you might know why...) and not going to school. However, I submitted my application to take a spring Saturday class at a nearby art school - I'm going to take a jewelry and metals class. So cool, I'm really excited.

I'm really happy to say I've been interviewed by Terra over at Stylish White Female... a fellow Pennsylvanian, however she resides in Pittsburgh. Check it out!

And I don't believe I've ever mentioned this, but I was on the ModCloth blog a while ago talking about my favorite find. Wonder what it is? Hmmm...

I've appeared to have gone link crazy! Hope you're all well - halfway through the week! Whew.
xox Catherine

Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards

I've mentioned Ideeli before, yes? Anyway, they're running a couple polls in partnership with Style Coalition. There's seven total (the Innovator Award and six other) - basically asking which designers and labels use the available forms of social interactions websites the best. It's undeniable that social networking websites are huge for everyone... so vote away!

xox Catherine

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain? Spring? Nah.

Blazer - Silence and Noise, top - FCUK, necklace - antique mall, jeans - Delia's, boots - Dr Marten, dog - free.

Just had to include my dog in my description! The weather today was mostly rainy and miserable... and just as it seemed to stop, there was a huge downpour, only to be followed by the revealing of the sun. Reminds me so much of spring... yeah, it's quite an obsession.

I can't believe I'm approaching the "birthday" of my blog! I'll make sure to have a special post of some sort.

About my outfit, perhaps? I've been wanting to wear this top and blazer together for the past week, so I decided to pair them with jeans and my trusty ol' DMs because as I mentioned, it was pouring this morning.

I took some photos that I thought were kinda pretty:

Amateur, to say the least, but I love how drops of water look.

Hope you're all well! xox Catherine

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, I'm in love.

Cardigan - H&M, dress - Volcom, belt - flea market, necklace - antique, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Dr Marten

Shall I pretend I didn't have a few weeks straight when I'd listen to this song on repeat on Thursdays and Fridays? Eh, who cares. I'm a nerd and I know it. I'm so tired - you see, there's this thing called sleep, that I try to think isn't completely necessary every night. So I stay up late, and wake up early... it's a great combination. I'm so glad it's the weekend and that I have the ability to stay in and do nothing, I've been looking forward to this since Tuesday!

Hope you're all well, and enjoy your weekends!
xox Catherine

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gray and printed.

Sweater - thrifted, skirt - Forever 21, bracelet - Tiffany and Co., tights - Whole Foods, flats - Kimchi Blue.

Including the last photo because my dog's lurking in the window, and I think lurkers make photos complete. Today was yet another long day, and I'm so glad I have only one midterm to go! Tomorrow's going to be such a waste of a day, though. And it's so strange, because a year ago I would've been itching to do anything during the upcoming weekend, but I'm actually looking forward to keeping it as low key as possible - though I do have work on Saturday morning and a Stat project to do. Involving 25 bottles of soda that have yet to be purchased... gotta love procrastinating.

I'm tired, but trying to avoid a nap. I've just gotta think of something to do to occupy all of this free time - it's only 4:30pm and I'm trying to avoid studying as well. Perhaps I'll try to go to the art supply store and get something to experiment with.

Hope you're all well! xox Catherine

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just you and me, punk rock girl.

Cardigan - Silence and Noise, dress - H&M, tights - BDG, shoes - Kimchi Blue, necklace - antique via my sister, cuff - flea market.

Despite my two hour nap, I'm ridiculously tired. The week's halfway over and I've finished all of my really tough exams - Stat, Environmental and Spanish. Tomorrow I have history, but that's balanced by a decent amount of time in the art room. I'm almost done the self portrait I started last week, but I've "taken a break" to do a painting of inside of my fridge. Yep. I choose weird subjects.

Anyway... about my outfit. I'm wearing this cardigan yet again, I'm pretending most of my items in this did not come from the same place, and I'm trying to ignore the run that formed in these tights. First time wearing 'em... not too pleased. I'll probably wear them again anyway. They're relatively comfy (compared to other tights), but they're just not practical. I've just felt stuck wearing jeans all the time so I figured I'd run with the tights thing for a while.

Hope you're all well!
xox Catherine

Monday, January 18, 2010

Review time.

I'm not talking about midterms! I was contacted by the CSN Stores PromoTeam, asking if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their products from a store in the 200+ store umbrella. The products in their stores range from mailbox accessories, to shoes, to contemporary home decor.

I'm not going to disclose too much information just yet, but I now have a review to look forward to that doesn't involve filling in a multiple choice sheet. I'm excited - the product I'll be reviewing is from Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy and wicked day.

Cardigan - H&M, dress - vintage via Punk Rock Flea Market, belt - vintage, tights - Forever 21, boots - Doc Marten.

I need to think of better titles. Anyway, I'm really not trying to do the whole girly-dress-with-badass-boots thing. It was very rainy and windy today, and I had to do a bit of walking. Functional. I kept my outfit pretty simple - I didn't feel like having jewelry compete or anything. I saw Wicked, and I loved it! I'm personally not musically inclined whatsoever, but it's amazing to imagine how much work and time goes into such productions. After the show, my mom and I went to a vegetarian restaurant that was (somewhat) nearby. The food was delicious, and I'm glad my mom will accompany me to "weird hippie vegetarian places."

The rest of my day consisted of sitting in bed reading magazines I picked up yesterday, falling asleep in the middle of reading Elle. Oops. But it's always there.

Hope your weekends went well, and to those that have off tomorrow - enjoy it! xox Catherine

PS I'm thinking I might celebrate the once again "nice" weather tomorrow by dressing in clothes that aren't sweatpants. Outfit post, perhaps?

PPS I'm going to try to reformat my layout and whatnot... I don't know where to start!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, Friday, Friday...

Cardigan - Silence and Noise, tshirt - AA, necklace - antique, fork bracelet - Tiffany and Co., skirt - H&M, tights - AE, flats - Kimchi Blue.

The weather today is mild compared to how January usually is here. I know it won't last, but I'm looking on the bright side - I get to enjoy it today! It's 50 degrees or so, which is barely "warm," but compared to 20 degrees? I'll take it.

I'm planning to see the Lovely Bones with my friends tonight, tomorrow I have work, and Sunday I'm going to see Wicked on broadway with my mom (and hopefully check out a vegetarian restaurant!). I have off on Monday! I suppose this is a good start to a relatively busy weekend.

Let's see... I quite like this outfit I put together today. Am I the only one that never plans outfits ahead of time? I usually have a few ideas in my head for backup, but end up going with what I'm in the mood to wear.

Oh, my sister and I are goofballs:

She's pretty much my best friend. We're both very sarcastic (as is my brother, but he's not here at the moment) and we joke around a lot. Next semester my siblings and I all have a period of art together, I'm so excited!

Hope your weekend goes well! xox Catherine

PS Zac Posen for Target? Collection looks awesome.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cardigan - BDG, dress - Billabong, leggings - Forever 21, belt - thrifted, shoes - Deena and Ozzy, bracelet - Tiffany and Co.

I'm actually feeling ambitious. I've decided I want to apply to a few summer programs at various schools - and even thinking about it is making me excited. To the point where I'm having difficulty typing. I'm a visual person. I don't think I need to explain that, but every day I'm more and more convinced that I need to do something creative.

I don't have the attention span to write anything more, sorry. Hope you're all well, and I'll try to respond to your comments as soon as I can! xox Catherine

Monday, January 11, 2010


Cardigan - H&M, dress - Forever 21, tights - Whole Foods, boots - Blowfish, necklace - my mom.

This sweater is so comfortable. I don't have to keep adjusting it all day, it's sufficiently cozy (not today - this dress is sleeveless!), and the fabric itself feels quite nice. Today was no more than a typical Monday, but we're now entering midterm territory. It's very, very reassuring that all of my teachers are actually in school! I kid, so many of mine were not present today.

I've realized that I'm debuting three out of five items in this outfit. The cardigan and dress are new - from my Saturday visit to the mall, and I purchased these boots a while back but must have never worn them on here. I've definitely worn them plenty, but I suppose it was during December when I lacked the time to breathe, let alone take photos of my outfits.

I've sort of been reflecting on my weekend today. It's entirely trivial, and probably immature of me, but I haven't been able to shake it quite yet.

Hope you're well, xox Catherine

PS I've started on Weardrobe and I'm going to give Twitter another try. And just because I'm listing websites - I've been sticking to Project 365!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Rather impressed with H&M's spring Garden Collection. When thinking of spring clothing, my mind automatically thinks floral patterns, flowy silhouettes, and standing on a beach while wearing such items (and nautical inspired clothing... but that's another view). These make me want warm weather, with a slight breeze, and days that last longer. And what really gets me about this collection? Not only are the pieces budget friendly at under $60, but they're organic, sustainable, and/or recycled. Which shifts my thoughts to the project I'm supposed to be doing for my AP Environmental Science class...

There's about 70 days until spring, and looking back, around 70 days ago was my last hair cut and the day I went to my most recent concert. I'll survive, I'll survive, I'll try to survive...

Until later, xox Catherine

All images from H&M.

PS Went to the mall for the first time since probably November yesterday... bought a comfy oversize gray cardigan, a rose print body con dress, a silky black and white printed skirt, various magazines (I love browsing for hours in bookstores!), and some skincare items from the Body Shop. Growing further from my goal of purchasing a laptop, but sometimes retail therapy feels totally appropriate.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The only reason...

I'd consider attending prom. A pretty vintage dress, courtesy of my aunt, that looks like a dream on me, if I do say so myself.

Two problems: finding a date, and finding a suitable pair of shoes. The latter seems more difficult - I'm not too concerned about finding a date, the whole "prom date" thing is overrated.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Now I'm stuck in the web you're spinning...

Blazer - Silence and Noise, tshirt - Wildfox, jeans - Delia's, boots - Bamboo, bracelet - Tiffany and Co.

Introducing my new blazer and bracelet. I'll just let you all know - I'm in love with my bracelet. It's marked with Tiffany and Co., followed by the year 1909. Pretty sweet, huh? It was my "big" Christmas gift from my mom, and I love it to pieces. Seriously probably the best gift I've ever received... alongside with a trip to Disneyworld (I had always wanted to go, but didn't get to until two years ago!).

My day has been pretty good. I attended school, went to an appointment and my favorite used book store, and then had Chinese food with my best friend. It's just not exactly making me too happy that I have an AP Stat take home quiz to do... ah, whatever.

I think it's funny that "two-toned" hair is considered to be somewhat in style, mostly because my hair is unintentionally two toned. Faded auburn and whatever shade of brown my hair is, mmm... I don't want to dye my hair again though, I just want it cut.

Anyway, hope you're all well! xox Catherine

Monday, January 4, 2010

Describe the sky to me.

Cardigan - BDG, tshirt - Interpunk, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Deena and Ozzy

I'm exhausted. Four hours of sleep is really not enough... but I'm feeling oddly positive today. Not about school, though, that'd be way too far-fetched. For some reason I just want to visit a ton of colleges and whatnot.

This outfit is not the least bit creative, but it's comfy.

I'm due for a haircut, but that shouldn't be a problem, y'know, with all my free time that has magically appeared. Hopefully that'll also mean my posts will become more frequent again? I hope.

xox Catherine

Friday, January 1, 2010


I'm still here, in the dreary suburbs of Philadelphia. Christmas decorations still adorn numerous houses within view of my window - but soon enough, they won't. I'm nostalgic and sentimental. I'm constantly thinking of past memories, saying "aww, remember when...?" in my head or to whoever I happen to be with. And I'm a visual person. However, photography is not my forte. So, that brings me to the main point: Project 365.

I'm going to be taking a photo each day for the next year, not only to hone my photography "skills," if you'd care to call it that, but as a method of visually documenting what's going on, where I am, and where I'm going.

Care to keep track? Check it out here. (Flickr confuses me to pieces, so I'll be using Tumblr instead.)

Photo credit: Tumblr

And while I'm at it - how was your new years?! I've let today be a day of recovery and relaxation, but I thoroughly enjoyed bringing in 2010 with some amazing people.

xox Catherine