Friday, February 13, 2009


After debating for probably a half hour, I bought these at H&M for $32. They were having a 20% everything sale, and I couldn't find a specific pair of heels I've been wanting since December. I found these, thought they were awesome but pretty high, but I noticed the huge platform. So I can actually walk in these and I'm wearing them right now in hopes to break them in (I even need to break in flats). They're my first pair of "just because" heels. Cool. I've been looking all over for relatively inexpensive but cute vegan shoes... and here they are!

I wasn't planning on buying anything today other than a vegan sandwich and a hugeee slice of vegan cake, but I ended up purchasing an Operation Ivy CD and these shoes. I haven't bought a CD in years, but I love them and I really don't mind spending money to listen to their songs.

I'm afraid that today is probably the last day of somewhat nice weather. To be honest, I was freezing today because I refused to wear a coat and opted for a sweatshirt instead, but walking a ton warmed me up. But within five weeks it'll be spring. Yeah.


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