Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You won't be needing me tonight.

Cropped blazer - H&M, tshirt - AE, skirt - Target, tights - Whole Foods, shoes - Deena and Ozzy.

I think I can finally say I'm somewhat balanced. The holiday season at work has ended (good riddance!), I've been out of school for the past week, and I've been spending time with wonderful people. I still have some issues - of course, they're always present. But I do feel that I'm ending the year on a good note. Let's just hope this NYE is better than last year's (which involved sitting in my dining room, by myself, listening to my iPod, yeah.).

Today has been relatively un-busy... I slept in, went to an appointment, and basically just hung out. And I believe I will be going to my friend's house shortly, which means I'll probably change out of these clothes into something warmer. Philadelphia weather, you are far too cold for my liking.

But I thoroughly enjoy these shoes. They're comfortable, feel a little bad ass, and they're so cool. Anyway...

Went into the city on Monday and found this cool thing. I much prefer cities to boring old suburbs.

Hope you're all well, and in case I don't post before then - HAPPY NEW YEAR! xox Catherine

Monday, December 28, 2009

If you want to...

Check out Giltfuse's magnificent sale they have going on. $400 dresses for $40? I wishhhh. But sadly I lack access to a credit card.

So I'm encouraging you!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

to all, if you celebrate it.

I'm in a crappy mood, hoping it'll improve by tomorrow... oh gosh, I hate holidays.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


1 - Aldo, 2 - Topshop, 3 - Oasis, 4 - Modcloth, 5 - Vegetarian Shoes, 6 - BB Dakota, 7 - Oasis

Nevermind that Christmas is in less than a week and surely gifts have been purchased for me.

Where I'd like to be:

But instead, if I choose to venture outdoors, I'll be greeted by a foot and a half of snow and dim Christmas lights. I hate winter, I need to get out of here. And I hate mentioning stuff like this, but the most excitement I could think of right now would involve a few drinks and sleds...

Credit: Flickr, Tumblr.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Since my previous post, I have baked approximately 6 dozen cookies. Go me. But it's still not enough for all of the activities I've promised cookies for... haha, again, go me!

Tell me these are not awesome. I tend to associate Vans with clunky sneakers worn my freshmen, but these are plain sweet. I think I know of at least one pair of shoes I'll be purchasing this spring!

Image credit: Highsnobette

Well I Still Love to...

Been wearin' 'em since I got home and saw a package arrived for me. Still overpriced, but they're great. I'm ignoring the comments ("are those really yours?" from my mom) and just letting it go. I'm far too occupied with my own stuff to worry about what anyone else thinks.

On another note, I think I'm going to make a ton of cookie dough so I can bake some cookies later. xox Catherine

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I just...

Ordered these:

From Spanish Moss Vintage. A pretty hefty price tag for a pair of beaten up DMs (came to $71.33 altogether), but there's no way I could buy new ones and I need some boots I can do stuff in without worrying about damaging them. I know they're on their way out of being in style probably, but they seem quite practical for me at the time being. So there.

Spreading Holiday Cheer...

I feel like this title is a joke because I'm such a scrooge. Christmas music drives me insane, I find all decorations to be tacky, the scent of pine makes me feel nauseous. But this year I've been quite fond of shopping for other people because I finally have a job and my own funds to purchase gifts for them.

And listen, I've been sick since Thursday. I stayed home yesterday and I called out of work today. Within this time period, I've completed some serious shopping that I simply don't have the time for. Let's just say Visa gift cards are the best thing ever. And I've enhanced an obsession: online sample sale websites.

I've ordered from a few, including one from which I bought my sister an awesome perfume that we've never been able to find anywhere.

I know that all of you probably have accounts on numerous of these websites already, but in case you don't...
Rue La La - get a $10 credit when you click the link!

HauteLook - one of the more popular ones, but I'd highly recommend it (this is the one I bought the aforementioned perfume from; the Lollia sale has since ended, but Pixi cosmetics, anyone?)

Beyond the Rack - I've never purchased from here, but I'm definitely checking out the Ray Ban sale tomorrow (you know, to buy a gift for myself? haha).

Ideeli - they're wonderful. There's a current/elliot sale going on right now and I'm so tempted to buy myself a pair of awesome jeans. But I'll resist...

Gilt - the famous Gilt Groupe... shall I mention I'm anxiously awaiting 12pm (three minutes) to see the holiday beauty sale? (And Gilt Fuse isn't too shabby either...)

Reverse - the less expensive spinoff of Revolve... not as much as a flash sale, but quite wonderful.

I think that covers the invite-only super sale websites. And I'm just wondering how the holidays are kind of affecting me to be this cheerful...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The blossoms of spring fall, leaving only winter's naked branch.

Blazer - H&M, tank top - Target, jeans - H&M, shoes - Target, necklace - Forever 21

Sometimes I let everything get me down. Not lately. Part of it could be that I simply lack the time to let little things affect me, and part of it could be my outlook right now. Anyway, I'll be blunt: I've been dicked over in the past week. But that's that, it's not my fault, and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm not sure I even care to. I'm just kind of in awe that people could be so low (not that I didn't know that), while others just bring me up.

Anyway, I'll go on about what I'm wearing - cheap cropped blazer from H&M that's super comfy, tank tops, my comfiest jeans, and these heels = comfy. It's become less of a foreign concept to me to wear heels regularly.

I cannot, cannot, cannot believe it's the last month of the decade. I was six ten years ago... these ten years don't even seem relevant to each other. But I'm hoping I'll find a fun way to bring in the new year, for once, since it's actually something I feel is worth celebrating.

Speaking of celebrating, my wishlist is still in development. But please tell me I'm not the only one who wants more than three circle scarves. It's so funny how I've become super stingy with my money, even though my bank account is better than it's ever been... but that's what happens when you work, eh?

xox Catherine

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I will just let you know that I am absolutely exhausted. I've worked the past three days - and I worked on Black Friday. This is the first year in so many that it actually feels like Christmas. Thanks to working in a toy store, I suppose... anyway, I've been focusing so much on what to get other people, and I have no idea what I want. But expect a wish list... the next free time I get.

I want some cool wedges.

I've been so busy with work and actually trying to pay attention in school. Three weeks until winter break... trying to hang in there!

This past week has been something else. I'll give it that much.


All from Weheartit.

Until later, xox Catherine