Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black and white.

Blazer - my brother's, tshirt - Pacsun, jeans - Delia's, sandals (sigh) - Kohl's.

A little explanation on what I'm wearing for once! I remembered my brother had a blazer that probably wouldn't fit him anymore, so I checked it out. I thought it was navy, but turns out it's black. Oh well, still, a free blazer! Pacsun makes cheap basics, I've worn these jeans less than five times and I really want to get more use out of them, and I'm so scared the sandals I want from Target are going to sell out before I can go. I need new sandals. Not only do I wear these nearly everyday, but they're kind of breaking.

A ton of people asked if I was presenting today, but I went Tuesday. It's so nice being done... So, I guess I dressed up just for the hell of it. Always cool.

Today's kind of awful. School wasn't that bad, but I had a doctor's appointment after school (I got five shots, good thing I can handle them!) and now I have driver's ed. Which makes me want to... well, let's just say no thoughts about driver's ed are the least bit positive.

Hope your day is going well! xox, Catherine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is Tuesday.

Gray tank - Target (AA knockoff for $6), skirt - H&M, shoes - Kohl's.

If you're looking for proof that I really am over 5 feet (barely!, but still), this isn't it.

After yesterday, I knew there was no way I could go through with another day in school wearing anything covering my shoulders. But by first period I realized the air has been turned on, for good (luckily I brought a cardigan). So when the temperature drops thirty degrees tomorrow? I suppose they had to, and I'm actually kind of happy about it because it means I can wear a few pieces more appropriate for colder weather a few more times.

I'm kind of bittersweet about the end of this heat wave. But there's still summer...

PS If you want to link with me, just say so in a comment! I'll link with anyone :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just another...

Yet another super casual outfit, and yet another HOT day. It was pretty much intolerable at school - no air conditioning, sun shining in almost every class room, sticky, yuck. And we're not allowed to wear anything that exposes our shoulders, because shoulders are very stimulating and may influence people to make bad choices. Yeah, I don't get it, but I think I may just have to wear a tank despite my presentation tomorrow (we're being graded on appearance).

I think it's unnecessary to explain these items - my bracelets, my sandals, and the addition of American Eagle cut offs (I love scissors) and a tshirt from Hot Topic. Ha.

Well, I suppose I'm off to continue to work on my project. Have a nice day, hope you're able to enjoy the weather where you are more! xox, Catherine.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A little Saturday post.

It's GORGEOUS out. I'm a little sunburnt, but it feels so nice. Letting the warm breeze in and listening to a few bands that I'll be seeing this summer. I'm excited.

I think I may have to make another trip to Target (even though I have to start/finish a project involving a 15-20 minute speech by Tuesday):

I can't explain why I want these so badly, but I don't think I need to...

Friday, April 24, 2009


Cardigan - Guacamole (RIP), top - Forever 21, belt - Hot Topic (from eighth grade, haha), shorts - Target, flats - Journeys.

I could point out weird things about these photos, but I'm not going to because they would give off the vibe of self-conciousness, and when it comes to my appearance, I'm suprisingly not. And I wore my hair wavy for real today, and I loved it although it was better yesterday.

I'm kind of (REALLY) loving the weather we're having. Tomorrow until Tuesday it's supposed to be in the mid- to high-eighties. I'm in love.

Have a fantastic day! xox.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animal print and hair.

Cardigan - random, shirt - American Eagle, jeans - Delia's, sandals - Kohl's, jewelry - various.

My day was pretty uneventful, but today's Thursday which means only one more day of school. I really don't feel like this is fashion forward or anything, but I decided to play with my hair prior to leaving for driver's ed (UGH) and quite liked the result. I guess this'll prevent me from cutting my hair myself for the next few weeks...

Well, have a nice day, and I hope you have a great weekend as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coachella '09.

I'll probably never attend Coachella. Well, never say never I suppose, so I take that back, but who knows. Anyway, these are a few of my favorites that I spotted online. Summer clothing inspiration? Sureeee.

It's such a shame everyone who goes to Warped tries to out-scene eachother. I don't know why I even bothered going the past few years, but I'm pretty excited for this year. Best line up I've seen recently.

So, how's your day going?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I'm Wearing!

Cardigan - Forever 21, vest - gift, tshirt - H&M, shorts - Pacsun, shoes - Converse, jewelry - Forever 21/flea market/mom.

Haha, the second picture was me creeping/trying not to creep/trying not to be creeped by my neighbor. There's like, a boarding house behind mine and I don't know any of them. So when I was taking photos right near the fence, I saw a few of them. I had a ton of fun with my camera and gorillapod, I can't wait for even more.


I saw this on the AOL homepage and immediately knew I had to blog about it.

Some how a subscription to Elle has made its way to my house, and ever since then I've been slightly in love and way overjoyed when I see a new issue. Well, I'll probably never get this one, but it's only made me love Elle even more:

The ladies on the cover of the French Elle for April (?) '09 are not wearing make up, and there is no photoshopping.

I love make up and playing around with photo editing programs, but this is unbelievably refreshing, and a bold move in my opinion. Way to go. Following the slide show I originally viewed these pictures in was another displaying photoshopped covers next to unretouched photos of celebrities. The difference is incredible. I'll just say it again - it's incredibly refreshing to see something real.

On another note, the weather here is gorgeous today and I'm going to try to post an outfit. I finally went back to school and I'm feeling much better, which I'm certainly glad about because it's forecasted to go above 80 degrees this weekend. I'm thrilled.

And lastly for this post, the studs fell out. Quite frustrating, but I'm going to have some fun with bleach, an old pair of jeans (probably the same ones) and little studs because the prongs will probably actually stay in place.

Enjoy your day, guys!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Day Off

A little DIY project I'm in the process of. My original goal was to put 1/2" and 1/4" studs along the neckline of this tank top I bought for that sole purpose, but the larger ones just fell out. I was a bit frustrated, so then I decided to pull out an old pair of jeans and stud the pockets. It's actually easier than I imagined, and when I realized the prongs on the 1/4" overlapped, I began to put some on the tank top.

I know I've seen jeans/shorts like this before, but I can't remember where... anyone know?

And just to add, I think it's funny that these jeans are from American Eagle and I'm studding them because I don't think I'd EVER see anything studded there, besides belts or shoes (but they use round studs anyway).

I'll probably finish them tomorrow if I don't go to school yet again, or even if I go for half the day.

Have a nice day, guys!

EDIT 4/19: Not working out well. They're falling out on me and it's getting a little frustrating.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Isn't this lovely? (from The Fashion Spot)

I am practically shivering as I am writing this. I haven't been sick since mid-July, right after I got my nose pierced. Well, I'm finally sick again and I believe my brother gave me this virus, and he's been sick for more than a week. I guess that means I'll be missing out on the weather that's forcasted to be gorgeous this weekend... My nose ring is bothering me and I wish I was up to doing anything. I know it'll be killing me tomorrow because it's supposed to get sunny again, and I can barely talk. I've never lost my voice before, and it's not fun!

But when I'm better, I'll surely take photos with my new camera and tripod. I can't believe I spent $40 to get the Gorrilapod, but it seems pretty awesome and I fascinated my family with it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ups and downs.

Shirt - Asos, jeans - Pacsun, shoes - Kohl's.

Hmmph. It's like I'm starting allll over again with the pictures - I have no idea how to position my camera or how to pose. Oh well, over time it'll be cool. I'm still in serious need of some revamping. I'm in yet another rut of not caring but wanting to care so badly. Every time I felt positive I just dipped back down. It's really nice out today though!

I think I'm dyeing my hair tonight because my roots are getting pretty awful. And I must say, I hate the fact that this is the third night in a row that I haven't had a proper dinner simply because we have nothing. I want a complete, healthy dinner! Agh.


I am going to try to appreciate the little things. It'll take a ton of effort, but I feel it's completely necessary.

I'm in another rut.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Not anything related to clothing or fashion, but I had a bit of fun around the city with my new camera. It's so unfortunate that I thought I'd be working literally all day and wouldn't have the opportunity to go out, because I didn't bring any nice clothes. And I didn't even bring my make up bag... eeks, haha. Sometimes I love my city.

Oh, and the fliers in the bottom picture were religious related, but I swear they used a picture of Kate Moss as Mary.

I'm planning a picnic/adventure at a nearby park. Hopefully it'll be pretty and relatively free of er, animal waste!

And just a quick list for my own usage of things I may want to purchase:
-"Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll" by Social Distortion
-self titled CD by Social Distortion
-bags of studs for embellishing my clothing!
-a camera tripod! (note to anyone: if you have a cheap one that gets the job done, please tell me about it)
-various clothing, sigh
-a netbook or inexpensive laptop, sighhh again
-an Operation Ivy tshirt (loveee them and Rancid)
-various vegan cookbooks (note to anyone: know of any good ones?)
-Everyday Minerals makeup (anyone have it?)
-jewelry, I neeeed some more!

But knowing me, I'll be super thrifty and not get anything although I've been wanting some of these items for ages...

Monday, April 6, 2009

My new...

Normally I would not post pictures of myself on a day like today - I'm incredibly tired and I look like a mess, but look what I got...

My new Nikon D40! I still have yet to play around with it because I took a much needed nap when I got home, but it's so awesome. And me being me, I have to brag about how much it cost me. I got it through Craig's List and I was really lucky because the person who was going to get it backed out at the last moment, but the guy charged me $250. I have never spent so much on something, but I feel amazing for getting $200 off.

So, expect to see more of this in the future!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April!

Cardigan - Forever 21, tshirt - H&M, jeans - Delia's, sandals - Kohl's.

Notice how much the photo quality changes once I go indoors? The weather was rather dreary today... not exactly sandal weather, but I broke them out anyway. Speaking of photo quality, I'm seriously considering getting a Nikon D40. It seems like a great starter DSLR, and it seems like it can't be beat for the price. It's not exactly cheap - I only have about $425, but once I get enough, and possibly a little more just for comfort, I think I'm going to get it. I've been saving for months, and I'm almost there. How perfect would it be if I could get it for spring so I could capture all of those moments. I'm so cheesy!

I'm so glad that my feet didn't freeze today. I love how I'm beginning to see pink flowers on trees, colorful spring flowers and buds on trees! Spring is here, spring break is in two days (I'm so ready for it, and I'm trying to make a ton of adventurous plans!), and I couldn't be happier about that. Well, no, I could, but I won't go there.

I hope you're having a nice day where ever you are, perhaps with better weather than we have here!

I promise...

that I will have a real post sometime soon.

It's more of a promise to myself because I sincerely enjoy blogging, but I guess I'm just restating it!

Usually I'm able to go on the computer in between 3pm and 5pm, depending on who claims it first, but almost every day recently I have not been able to be on for more than an hour (even at various times throughout the afternoon/evening). I really don't like "relying" on the computer for entertainment, but it's just convenient. Unfortunately, someone in my household has been taking it over and has been using it excessively. I'm fed up and this is just a rant, but I'm thinking I may go out and buy a laptop or netbook to solve my problem...