Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is Tuesday.

Gray tank - Target (AA knockoff for $6), skirt - H&M, shoes - Kohl's.

If you're looking for proof that I really am over 5 feet (barely!, but still), this isn't it.

After yesterday, I knew there was no way I could go through with another day in school wearing anything covering my shoulders. But by first period I realized the air has been turned on, for good (luckily I brought a cardigan). So when the temperature drops thirty degrees tomorrow? I suppose they had to, and I'm actually kind of happy about it because it means I can wear a few pieces more appropriate for colder weather a few more times.

I'm kind of bittersweet about the end of this heat wave. But there's still summer...

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  1. I like that outfit! I really like the gray tank and necklace!

  2. My school had an air conditioning mishap in the beginning of the school year. NOT fun. Cute outfit:)


  3. you should do the cutoff shoulder
    oh you have such a nice blog

  4. i love the slouchiness of the top! =)


  5. wow! i was just telling my friend today how i bought this sweet american apparel knock-off tri-blend tank from target for $6 haha. love the oufit, simple and cute

  6. Love this tank, can't believe that its target!! Stores like that always surprise me - I just bought some T by Alex Wang look alikes at Walmart! You look awesome xx

  7. I really love that tank! I love wearing them, but then i get too self conscious so i end up feeling uncomfortable :( you wear it amazingly :)

  8. I love your skirt! Great outfit.

    Have a lovely weekend too! x


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