Saturday, April 25, 2009

A little Saturday post.

It's GORGEOUS out. I'm a little sunburnt, but it feels so nice. Letting the warm breeze in and listening to a few bands that I'll be seeing this summer. I'm excited.

I think I may have to make another trip to Target (even though I have to start/finish a project involving a 15-20 minute speech by Tuesday):

I can't explain why I want these so badly, but I don't think I need to...


  1. haha it was the EXACT same over here lol. Nice shoes too. They are so lovely. The net 'gladiators' non? :)

  2. that is such a great shoe!

  3. Oh lucky you! I wish I could feel that summery atmosphere..but it's all gray and not nice;/

    Those shoes look great! :)

  4. The weather is being good to everyone lately, those shoes are very cute, is there a heeled version?

  5. i love target!!
    they have the most fun things ever!


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