Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Not anything related to clothing or fashion, but I had a bit of fun around the city with my new camera. It's so unfortunate that I thought I'd be working literally all day and wouldn't have the opportunity to go out, because I didn't bring any nice clothes. And I didn't even bring my make up bag... eeks, haha. Sometimes I love my city.

Oh, and the fliers in the bottom picture were religious related, but I swear they used a picture of Kate Moss as Mary.

I'm planning a picnic/adventure at a nearby park. Hopefully it'll be pretty and relatively free of er, animal waste!

And just a quick list for my own usage of things I may want to purchase:
-"Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll" by Social Distortion
-self titled CD by Social Distortion
-bags of studs for embellishing my clothing!
-a camera tripod! (note to anyone: if you have a cheap one that gets the job done, please tell me about it)
-various clothing, sigh
-a netbook or inexpensive laptop, sighhh again
-an Operation Ivy tshirt (loveee them and Rancid)
-various vegan cookbooks (note to anyone: know of any good ones?)
-Everyday Minerals makeup (anyone have it?)
-jewelry, I neeeed some more!

But knowing me, I'll be super thrifty and not get anything although I've been wanting some of these items for ages...


  1. I'd been looking forward to seeing photos with your new camera -- they're amazing! can't wait to see outfit pics with this camera!
    a vegan cookbook...I'm not sure if this is vegan (it might just be vegetarian...) but the Moosewood Cookbook has really great recipes, plus hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations that are fun to look at. :)

  2. Really nice pictures! Love them!


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