Monday, April 27, 2009

Just another...

Yet another super casual outfit, and yet another HOT day. It was pretty much intolerable at school - no air conditioning, sun shining in almost every class room, sticky, yuck. And we're not allowed to wear anything that exposes our shoulders, because shoulders are very stimulating and may influence people to make bad choices. Yeah, I don't get it, but I think I may just have to wear a tank despite my presentation tomorrow (we're being graded on appearance).

I think it's unnecessary to explain these items - my bracelets, my sandals, and the addition of American Eagle cut offs (I love scissors) and a tshirt from Hot Topic. Ha.

Well, I suppose I'm off to continue to work on my project. Have a nice day, hope you're able to enjoy the weather where you are more! xox, Catherine.


  1. Very cute outfit!!! I love the old school Rancid teacher, it totally reminds me of my highschool year and my Vans Warped Tour road trips!!


  2. Exposed shoulders leads to sinning.
    Gosh don't they teach that to young'uns nowadays?

    Being all hot and muggy would make me sin more than being cool and refreshed:P

    Why does your school lack air conditioning?

  3. Shoulders are just so distracting! Haha.. Like the t-shirt! I went to see Rancid a couple of years ago! Hope the presentation went well! :) x

  4. nice tee!

  5. Really cool T-shirt! Good luck with your project!


  6. I just came across your blog, through Honey Bunny In Wonderland! I like your blog!


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