Monday, January 4, 2010

Describe the sky to me.

Cardigan - BDG, tshirt - Interpunk, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Deena and Ozzy

I'm exhausted. Four hours of sleep is really not enough... but I'm feeling oddly positive today. Not about school, though, that'd be way too far-fetched. For some reason I just want to visit a ton of colleges and whatnot.

This outfit is not the least bit creative, but it's comfy.

I'm due for a haircut, but that shouldn't be a problem, y'know, with all my free time that has magically appeared. Hopefully that'll also mean my posts will become more frequent again? I hope.

xox Catherine


  1. Your outfit is comfy while making you look totally cool! You look like a badass!

  2. love ur outfits, simple but very chic :)


  3. hi catherine, thanks for the comment :) I looove this outfit, sure does look comfy! Loving your blog too - new follower and linked you x

  4. girl those boots im so jealous!
    yeah sometmes i dont really like somepeople either but sometimes they win my heart with their outfits hahha

    happy new year!

  5. Looove your boots! Lovely outfit :)

  6. Absolutely adorable! Give me those shoes, they're fantastic!! :)

  7. Love those boots, you have such a good shoe collection. The comfiest outfits are always the best ones! Happy New Year! :) x


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