Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gray and printed.

Sweater - thrifted, skirt - Forever 21, bracelet - Tiffany and Co., tights - Whole Foods, flats - Kimchi Blue.

Including the last photo because my dog's lurking in the window, and I think lurkers make photos complete. Today was yet another long day, and I'm so glad I have only one midterm to go! Tomorrow's going to be such a waste of a day, though. And it's so strange, because a year ago I would've been itching to do anything during the upcoming weekend, but I'm actually looking forward to keeping it as low key as possible - though I do have work on Saturday morning and a Stat project to do. Involving 25 bottles of soda that have yet to be purchased... gotta love procrastinating.

I'm tired, but trying to avoid a nap. I've just gotta think of something to do to occupy all of this free time - it's only 4:30pm and I'm trying to avoid studying as well. Perhaps I'll try to go to the art supply store and get something to experiment with.

Hope you're all well! xox Catherine


  1. really cute! this is what i always hope to look like in my skirts & shirts but it never quite turns out this way. i'm kind of skirt-challenged.

  2. As isaid in chictopia, i love this outfit is so comfy and great for school. Greetings!!

  3. Wow, the skirt is beautiful. I want one like that. ;)

  4. you look so laid back!
    love the skirt and the loose tee
    have a nice weekend hon!!


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