Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, I'm in love.

Cardigan - H&M, dress - Volcom, belt - flea market, necklace - antique, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Dr Marten

Shall I pretend I didn't have a few weeks straight when I'd listen to this song on repeat on Thursdays and Fridays? Eh, who cares. I'm a nerd and I know it. I'm so tired - you see, there's this thing called sleep, that I try to think isn't completely necessary every night. So I stay up late, and wake up early... it's a great combination. I'm so glad it's the weekend and that I have the ability to stay in and do nothing, I've been looking forward to this since Tuesday!

Hope you're all well, and enjoy your weekends!
xox Catherine


  1. Pretty outfit! Love the cardigan <3

  2. Cute outfit...I especially love the Red sweater :) Happy weekend


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