Sunday, January 10, 2010


Rather impressed with H&M's spring Garden Collection. When thinking of spring clothing, my mind automatically thinks floral patterns, flowy silhouettes, and standing on a beach while wearing such items (and nautical inspired clothing... but that's another view). These make me want warm weather, with a slight breeze, and days that last longer. And what really gets me about this collection? Not only are the pieces budget friendly at under $60, but they're organic, sustainable, and/or recycled. Which shifts my thoughts to the project I'm supposed to be doing for my AP Environmental Science class...

There's about 70 days until spring, and looking back, around 70 days ago was my last hair cut and the day I went to my most recent concert. I'll survive, I'll survive, I'll try to survive...

Until later, xox Catherine

All images from H&M.

PS Went to the mall for the first time since probably November yesterday... bought a comfy oversize gray cardigan, a rose print body con dress, a silky black and white printed skirt, various magazines (I love browsing for hours in bookstores!), and some skincare items from the Body Shop. Growing further from my goal of purchasing a laptop, but sometimes retail therapy feels totally appropriate.


  1. Love the bright prints. Bring on spring!

  2. pairing floral prints with neutrals such as creme and ochers will never fail me! and... they are under $60 and organic? i must say another wow!

  3. Oh my I was looking at tehse pictures and was wondering which designer they were from , then kept on reading (naturally) and they're from H&M, super cool!!! These pieces look fantastic!

    Oh and I see that your from philadelphia, my friend Nickie and I were perharps thinking of taking a trip out there sometime , any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Your blog is so cool!!!!!!!!!

    Kisses from Brazil!!


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