Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just you and me, punk rock girl.

Cardigan - Silence and Noise, dress - H&M, tights - BDG, shoes - Kimchi Blue, necklace - antique via my sister, cuff - flea market.

Despite my two hour nap, I'm ridiculously tired. The week's halfway over and I've finished all of my really tough exams - Stat, Environmental and Spanish. Tomorrow I have history, but that's balanced by a decent amount of time in the art room. I'm almost done the self portrait I started last week, but I've "taken a break" to do a painting of inside of my fridge. Yep. I choose weird subjects.

Anyway... about my outfit. I'm wearing this cardigan yet again, I'm pretending most of my items in this did not come from the same place, and I'm trying to ignore the run that formed in these tights. First time wearing 'em... not too pleased. I'll probably wear them again anyway. They're relatively comfy (compared to other tights), but they're just not practical. I've just felt stuck wearing jeans all the time so I figured I'd run with the tights thing for a while.

Hope you're all well!
xox Catherine

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