Friday, January 1, 2010


I'm still here, in the dreary suburbs of Philadelphia. Christmas decorations still adorn numerous houses within view of my window - but soon enough, they won't. I'm nostalgic and sentimental. I'm constantly thinking of past memories, saying "aww, remember when...?" in my head or to whoever I happen to be with. And I'm a visual person. However, photography is not my forte. So, that brings me to the main point: Project 365.

I'm going to be taking a photo each day for the next year, not only to hone my photography "skills," if you'd care to call it that, but as a method of visually documenting what's going on, where I am, and where I'm going.

Care to keep track? Check it out here. (Flickr confuses me to pieces, so I'll be using Tumblr instead.)

Photo credit: Tumblr

And while I'm at it - how was your new years?! I've let today be a day of recovery and relaxation, but I thoroughly enjoyed bringing in 2010 with some amazing people.

xox Catherine

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