Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Image credit: Weheartit

I love this.

And since I'm sitting in the peace of my own home without my computer spazzing at me for once, I thought I'd post a little something and extend my apology. I believe we're getting the computer fixed tomorrow, but either way, I'm pretty much decided I'm getting a Macbook - either the regular one or the 13" Pro. I have access to discounts, but still, I'm undecided on which.

I've really been missing reading all of your blogs, but I haven't had more than five minutes on the computer lately. And before it got the virus, I was out and about on the scavenger hunt which I have deemed to be my best summer memory for this year. Unless something better comes along when we celebrate... again.

I'm loving life.

xox Catherine


  1. i love her looks too, i want her skirts!!


  2. lovely pic . :) and hope your computer will be fixed . :)

  3. omg girl, i totally get you my computer is messing up too, but it does let me post stuff daily although i need to look for a new computer too!!!
    what a drag! there was this time that i couldnt even go online for a week!
    and i was going crazy.

    but on other note, this picture is awesome loving the plaid with the studs, loves it

  4. so stunning! you've got good taste!



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