Friday, August 21, 2009


Tshirt - Wildfox (courtesy of Melting Fabric and Chickdowtown), shorts - DIY, sandals - Dolce Vita, cuff - Amrita Singh (from Ideeli).

An outfit post! Finally. I'm proud to say that my entire outfit was free with the exception of my shoes. I know it's not too complicated, but still, I love free stuff especially when it's stuff I'd buy anyway. This shirt is super comfortable and it makes me long to go to LA. Yeah, I've wanted to go there for years. And next summer I want to check out schools out there, particularly Otis.

My computer is still being a bit screwy but I decided it was time to post an outfit. It's weird how much I missed it... I'm sorry I haven't responded to any comments, but I've been busy to say the least. Maybe within the next couple days I'll purchase my Macbook! Hm.

Well, I'm off to bake brownies and then enjoy summer with a friend and some beverages. Hope you're all doing wonderfully.

xox Catherine


  1. Oh that graphic tee put a smile on my face!


  2. You look great, dear! Love that tee tied at the side, and the shoes are lovely:) :*

  3. I have to admit, being incredibly cheap, I'm always looking for inexpensive clothes and entering every giveaway I can. However, I've never been fortunate enough to win any type of clothing giveaway -- you're quite lucky, that cuff is gorgeous and the tee is so cute!

    I commented a while back anonymously about what I big fan of your blog I was, and I hope you enjoy your blogging break (but come back soon, okay?). 8-)

  4. Your shirt is adorable, I love all the straps on your shoes


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