Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe so...

1. Gray blazer $78 - Urban Outfitters, 2. Coral bag $39 - Urban Outfitters, 3. Gray 5" platforms $30 - Urban Original, 4. Coral dress $74 - Chickdowntown, 5. Printed skirt $11 - Forever 21, 6. Navy skirt $20 - Forever 21.

I noticed all of these items are gray, navy or coral. I have enough gray, but I always feel like it's a fresher alternative to black. And in some cases, navy serves the same purpose. But they're all different shades of the same color. What do you know.

Anyway, I ended up going downtown today before work and I would show what I bought, but my camera isn't my friend in tungsten lighting. So, what did I buy? ...a blazer from Zara that I believed to be $30, marked down from $70. I put it on hold as I ran to the bank and browsed other stores, and when I returned it came to $20. Magical. ...a scarf that I plan to wear in my hair from H&M. It's either pinkish or coral, but it's bright and would distract people from my gross hair. Yeah, I really need a hair cut. ...None of Your Beeswax lip balm and Sakura solid perfume from Lush, that store is fantastic. I was a little ecstatic after my blazer was only $20, otherwise I only would've purchased the lip balm.

I feel like a spoiled brat going on and on about my purchases. I even feel like a spoiled brat for making that visual wish list above. But really, anything over $40 is basically out of my price range but I pretend I may just buy those items. And I work now - before I was employed, I went shopping virtually never. Ah, my justification for shopping/retail therapy.

xox Catherine

PS I'm now 100% obsessed with the shoes at Olsen Haus. They are totally vegan and nothing short of spectacular. Take a look. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to spend $200+ on a pair of shoes. But this company is really inspiring, and companies that make me feel good make me want stuff.

PPS I find it really ironic that the designer's name is Elizabeth Olsen, which is also the name of MK+A Olsen's younger sister. But they're huge fur fans (not hating on them, just observing), and this girl makes vegan shoes. Imagine that.


  1. Amazing grey blazer and coral bag! ;-))

  2. Gray is my favorite color.. I wear it alllll the time :)

  3. I love it when that happens! A Zara blazer for $20 is a bargain. And grey is such a good colour. It's not boring or bland at all - I always feel pretty chic wearing grey! :) x

  4. I love finding excellent sales. They basically make my day. $70 to $20 is brilliant, nice find!

    also, that navy skirt & the UO blazer are gorgeous! one can never have enough blazers & skirts....


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