Monday, August 3, 2009

Deep In Summer's Eye.

Tshirt - H&M, dress - flea market, shoes - Dolce Vita, necklace - mom's, bracelet - flea market.

I clearly had a little fun taking pictures today! Finally wearing the dress I bought at the flea market! It's surprisingly very comfortable. I love it. I wore a tshirt underneath because I didn't feel like exposing my shoulders because that's such a scandalous thing to do (I'm just kidding/mocking my school). All I did was run a few errands, but I promised myself I'd dress up today just because I can. I never want summer to end. Ever. The weather is glorious, I'm free... and well, you get the picture.

And some silly photos, just for fun:

So... I got another gift card so I can purchase the gray heels from this post. I'm getting less and less cautious with my purchases, but I still have to think each item through before I buy it. I hate impulse buys. And I went to the mall yesterday and tried on Madewell jeans. I think I may want a pair eventually, perhaps a few paychecks from now? Haha.

I hope you're all well, having awesome days, and enjoying summer.
xox Catherine


  1. That dress looks fantabulous!!

  2. Oh my goodness I want to steal this look off of your body right now!!! I LOVE it! I don't think I could pull that dress off though....It looks too good on you! And those shoes are fabulous. I seriously love this!!

  3. i think you look so adorable, i love love this outfit so much!!!
    image if summer would never end?
    jackets didnt exist and stuff like that hahha

    keep posting more awesome outfits!

  4. Aw cute pictures! It looks like you had fun which is always lovely to see in photos.

  5. i love this look from you.. very beautifully paired :)


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