Friday, August 28, 2009

Soon the summer will be over in the orchard...

Dress - Billabong, belt - flea market, sandals - Dolce Vita, bracelets - flea market, necklace - mom.

So much for my break. I decided to dress up for... BLINK 182! I'm sorry, I just really love them. And it was a great night. For once I didn't have to worry about my feet getting stepped on by fat sweaty guys. It was a refreshing change, to say the least.

Anyway, this past week has been adventure after adventure. Fun, exhilaration... I don't want it to end. And for once in my life I'm kind of involving myself in some drama, but I think I took the easy way out and made a bad decision. But surely I'll have the opportunity to fix it, or I'll just laugh about it later. Wish me luck?

Hope you're all well, and again, I apologize for my crazy posting schedule... I'll try to get back to all of your comments as soon as my mind is a bit clearer. xox Catherine


  1. i think you look awesome wearing this cute dress, and let me tell you i love your hair kinda messy like this.
    im so jealous i always wanted to see blink
    and hopefully you can laugh about whatever your going through right now or before!


  2. you look great ! and i think that dress is so gorgeous . love your shoes :D

  3. Wow fantastic dress! Have a nice weekend, kisses! ;-))

  4. wow, i loove the pink color.



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