Saturday, August 1, 2009

Soon to be...

mine: the shoes from the previous post, the woven ones. I know they're trendy, but there's something about them I absolutely love. I don't care that people I've asked personally have told me they don't like them - these are for me. I guess that's how I'll justify this spending also referred to as retail therapy...

xox Catherine

PS The other day I bought this sweater:

It's from Urban and usually I don't buy things from there due to the high prices. But I somehow couldn't resist the $19 price drop.

PPS I'm laughing a little bit right now because somehow the language on Tinypic has been changed.


  1. Cute sweater and congrats on getting the shoes you wanted. haha.

    And who can resist a price drop? :]

  2. this outfit is cutee!

  3. it's great sweater, u should but it :)
    but urban outfitters it's very expensive, i more like american apparel :)

  4. Cute sweater! and I love buying stuff just for me. I once had these boots that everyone thought were taken out of peter pan's closet. but i wore them everyday because I loved them so much and that was all that matters!


  5. this sweater is really cute!
    yes wear whatever the heck you please hahha

  6. love the cardigan! i love urban outfitters too - sadly, i've never bought anything there because it's soooo pricey. you were lucky to find it on sale!


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