Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hell yes.

Alexa Chung Adam Brody @ Silhouette Girl

...just because I'm obsessed with Adam Brody (the OC reruns, anyone?) and happen to love Alexa Chung's style. Basically, I'm jealous.

image from Weheartit.

Hope you're all lovely, and thanks to everyone who left nice comments on my last post. Certainly cheered me up a little bit :) xox Catherine

PS I got my first paycheck on Monday! It was only two days worth, but it's a pretty decent amount. And so far, my job is really fun, actually. I'm pretty happy about that.

PPS I think every guy should own a plain heather gray tshirt. I don't know what it is about them, but I find them incredibly sexy. Basically, whenever I see an attractive guy wearing one, it's awesome.


  1. oh yes, right here i watched the oc like theres was no tomorrow and i was in love with adam oh hes so cute hahhah,
    i love alexa, she has the best style ever!!!!

  2. I understand why you're obsessed with Adam Brody. I have the same thing

  3. Agree with the heather gray shirt idea!

  4. ADAM BRODY forever, man!! I heart this man <3
    I actually watched The OC two seconds ago lol.


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