Monday, July 6, 2009

Even all the things people say, nah, ain't affecting me...

Hat - Heritage, tshirt - Forever 21, belt - from a dress/flea market, skirt - H&M, sandals - (ha, these look familiar, don't they?) Dolce Vita, jewelry - mom/thrifted.

Today I spend most of my day walking around Philly, by myself. I do like it that way, though it can get a little lonely, whatever. Started in downtown/center city, ended up walking through Old City after I discovered Topstitch, a boutique I found last fall, had closed. I was going to go to Gianna's, but I always remembered them being closed on Mondays. So I went down to South Street, got some falafel at Maoz Vegetarian (I'd definitely recommend trying falafel), then walked a little, bought a new CD from a band I like, then went to Fabric Row and purchased reddish jersey that's hopefully a lighter weight than other ones I have. I'm planning on making my own version of Le Sac dress... seems really easy.

Well, in other news, I may dye my hair auburn. And my feet are absolutely killing me. And from being outside in my backyard for about five minutes, I got five bug bites. I'm just glad I put sunscreen on, otherwise I'd be burnt. Oh, and I may be going down the shore later this week! So excited.

Hope you're all wonderful! xox Catherine

PS These are really, really growing on me:

They're by Vegetarian Shoes, meaning I could buy/wear them and not feel guilty. I'd just have to prepare myself for ridicule from people I know... oh well, they wear ugly shoes too. And these are seriously fabulous.


  1. i luv those vegetarian boots! and you really have an amazing sense of style and such a lovely blog :)

  2. I like those shoes! I've been wanting to get a pair similar in style to wear with my cut-offs. Maybe I'm too old to try to pull off that grunge look, but I say get the shoes and I'll live vicariously thru you :) heehee.
    BTW, I love Philly! My BF and I take weekend trips down there a few times a year just to get out of NYC. I absolutely can't get enough of Old City...i'm a total geek and I'm sooooo into Ben Franklin, how cool am I now? haha.

  3. yeah i prefer to be walking alone on a normal day people walk way to slow for my taste

    love that belt it brings the look together

  4. this outfit is so cool, those sandals are freaking awesome!!!
    lovin the belt still
    you look cute!!

  5. Beautiful hat ;-)

  6. I love them! think you should definitely buy them, ESPECIALLY if they are by vegetarian shoes!

  7. I looove falafel! They are such a pain to make though haha. Great outfit, I especially love your hat. :)

  8. i like the shoes. but the color...not so much. they would be better in classic black or something else. and i love your shoes! and the belt is really cool.

  9. I live near philly too. I love south street. I always wanted to try that vegetarian place but the people i'm usually with won't eat there. they go to steaks on south instead :| anyways, love the outfit. and the boots are rad too. forget what people think, you should get them!

  10. I love the color of the t-shirt and the shape of the hat. The whole outfit is absolutely cute, though. :]


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