Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sometimes I love my city...

Now of course, the amount of shops probably do not even compare to NYC or LA, but for this Saturday? I think I'm content...

The Punk Rock Flea Market, with tons of handmade goods, secondhand stuff, vintage clothes, and awesome jewelery. I have a few pieces from here, including the pink dress I wore in a recent post! I've never been to the summer one, but I've been to the past two winter ones. And this time, it's two days, so it's less crowded, but I'm only free on Saturday morning. But I have a feeling Saturday will be the "better" day.

And then there's this... I've never been to this, but I think it's definitely something I'll try to check out. If there really is stuff that's 90% off, I'm there.

Yeah, looks like I'll be killing my feet again and walking around all over once again, but that's okay. I really, really shouldn't be buying anything, considering I still have to pay for my tuition to a summer art class I'm probably taking, I don't get my paycheck until Monday, and I'm going down the shore (aka the beach, I'm not sure if that's Philly dialect, haha).

Sounds like Saturday is going to be the busiest day ever... possibly all of this then work at 3pm. But you know, I think a super-busy day may be exactly what I need. Until I crash later that night, but I've had it with this boredom.

xox Catherine


  1. omg you know how much i envy you right now!!
    hahhah i so wanna go too!!!
    all this flea markets you keep talking about , hope you get to buy lots of goods there!

  2. Sounds like a potentially awesome Saturday! I wish I lived near places as such. *sigh* Woe, is I. haha.

    I'm looking foward to seeing what you walk away with from there!

  3. Oh, I wish there were flea markets here in my hometown. There's none!! Can you believe that?! Anyway, I do envy you! Haha! xo

  4. maybe nyc has lots of vintage shops but trust me the bulk of them are overpriced and lacking inthe truly special thing mostly cuz people clean them out .. nyc is full of vintage devotees


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