Sunday, July 19, 2009


I couldn't resist giving a preview of my fabulous flea market dress. I really need a strapless bra, I have two strapless dresses I love but have yet to wear.

I was expecting this to be an upbeat post, but I'm going to lead it in a negative direction... some things just don't seem important when you look around yourself. I'm not going to go in depth with this, but I hope the best for everyone and everything. RIP :(

xox Catherine


  1. omg this dress is awesome , you have to wear it,and why do you need a bra???
    hahha can you just wear it with no bra? i mean anyways your boobs are not gonna show.
    you should totally wear it , this dress is awesome!

  2. that dress is really cool. zippers and a bunch of bright colors are awesome. esp. together!

    and so sorry to hear about a loss, hope you feel more upbeat soon.


  3. Dress looks fantastic! Love it <3

  4. I am in love with the tie dye on that dress. x

  5. The tie-dye dress is SO fab!! And yes, it's sad that bad things have to happen for us to realize how good we have it.

  6. thank you for your sweet comment, i feel so much better now about the whole thing!

  7. Ohhh, looks fantabulous.
    Re your comment: No way! I would've been laughing my butt off!


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