Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little bit...

Tshirt - random, skirt - Target, shoes - Target, bracelets - various, bag on the floor - Deux Lux

I'm not in a good mood, the reasons range from hypocrisy to dealing with people all day. Work was really busy and I seriously think there's something up with the stars - I occasionally believe in astrology, now being one of the times. Anyone who can verify? Anyway, I'm saying this because everyone I've talked to in the past couple days has been upset for some reason or another at some point. And it sucks, I wish everyone could just cheer up. Eventually...

This outfit was so comfortable. I don't look it though, but that's because I'm a little down.

Hope you're all well, and please understand that I'm a little busy lately, xox Catherine


  1. I'm sorry that you're down and yes, sometimes I'm superstitious and think there must be something up with the alignment of the planets and stars that makes everyone go insane. Quite similar to the moon/werewolf relationship. Anyway, I hope you feel better and are in a better mood in a few days.

    That outfit does look comfortable.

    I'm well enough, and I understand if you're busy. :]

  2. omg your totally right i was kinda not upset but you know the whole greedy thing, but now im ok.
    hopefully you get to feel so much better tomorrow, sending my love!
    by the way i love the outfit , the shirt is awesome i used to listen to them back when i was in high school.
    your room is AMAZING!!!

  3. Gotta love hypocrisy. Ugh. Loving those sandals!

  4. Great simple look, like it!

  5. fortunately, i found your blog and its all i enjoy. i love my style being very comfortable as well and hopefully, everyone in your life will get back to normal (:

    all you need is to change the routine, maybe something will feel differently.

    p.s your rooms color, nice blue, is so dreamy! it seems like a great color to be with sleeping in on rainy days..

  6. I hope you get into a better mood soon! It's a bummer to feel bad. On another note, cute outfit!

  7. I like your outfit, the pairing of a Rancid tshirt with a little skirt like that looks so right!
    Cheer up!

  8. oh:( I hope you're a bit better now, dear:***

    You look so cute! Love that skirt and your room is so so lovely!:)

  9. Hey, I hope you feel better!!! AT least you look good ;);) and have great shoes.....


  10. I've been to see Rancid! I love your room and your duvet cover. Hope you find something to cheer you up soon :) x

  11. Catherine! I forgot to ask you....where are you from?? My parents live in Chadds Ford, it is right on the border of Delaware and route 202. it's so close I could walk to the next state! So I guess it really isn't "suburbs" of Philly but still...I like to claim Philadelphia :)

  12. everyone has those "down" days but you look amazing for not being in a good mood. when I'm not in a good mood I have on sweats/t-shirt/robe/slippers lol



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