Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And even more!

And now these are coming into play. These are from Modcloth, and I love absolutely everything from there. Including these babies. They probably wouldn't work with the whole sock idea... but they look comfier, despite their lack of platform and 4" heel.

I'm itching to deposit my paycheck so badly. I'm thinking it may be a wise decision to wait just a little bit.

xox Catherine

PS All of my recent lusts have been shoes. Just something I've noticed, hah.


  1. These are gorgeous! I think they probably could work with socks and they look really comfy. I love all of the stuff from modcloth but I know I'd get loads of tax added onto stuff if I got it shipped over here and I couldn't stand that! :) x

  2. oh wow i absolutely love this shoe.. its amazing..very similar to a nine west shoe i bought recently.. LOVES IT!

  3. i. need. these.

    they are so beautiful! Modcloth always has the most amazing things

    love your blog!

  4. There's nothing wrong with loving shoes and blogging about 'em. Haha.

    Those are cute, and I'm envious that you have a paycheck to deposit. I, at the age of 14, can't get a job really besides babysitting. Goo-rah.
    And yet, life goes on. :]

  5. i really love those shoes! the only way i convince myself not to buy more clothing is by saying that summer is almost over. if only

  6. i want these shoes

    i should save my money to get it >.<

  7. They're really...different haha.
    Thanks for your comment

  8. lovee the shoes. i can understand why all your lusts have been shoes, there are some really covetable ones online right now!

  9. They're cute, i'd prefer them in black

  10. Yeh xD i saw them at a festival 2 yrs ago :P

  11. Fabulous find! I would love to wear those with a white sundress and loads of multi-colored necklaces.

  12. those are lovely-totally you! they'd look great with the outfit in the previous post. =)

  13. They awesome! Looove them and I think they could work with socks, but rather plain ones;)
    Adoore the modcloth stuff!<3

  14. Great shoes! ;D

  15. Those are so cute and they do look walkable ;)

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