Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I Do

I've always been one to doodle all over my notebooks, and usually surrounding peers comment on how it looks nice, cool, etc. My doodles tend to be dark (but not gloomy - I'm talking about subject matter) and it seems that my art pieces end up being a little less involved with that. However, I've always been the "smart" kid in my family, whereas my sister has been the one to win art awards. But I'll admit - both of my siblings and I are quite artistic (genetics)! More recently, within the past two years or so, I've sort of made up my mind: I'm doing something involving art or design. My life plans switch between something in that gear, writing, and even the occasional thoughts about becoming a linguist.

I know I have talent, but I'm highly critical of my work - so I'll refrain from analyzing every little flaw within each piece. But as a "warning," these photos were taken from weird angles and have been cropped.

So here it goes!

Photo reference: here, via Flickr Creative Commons
*Note: paper is a little distorted due to bends occurring from water exposure, and it is propped up in an odd position.

Still life, observational
Acrylic paint

Observational (but I cheated - took a photo then did it in school)
Oil paint

Scratch board

Photo reference: unknown (ooops)
Oil paint

Still life negative space filled with "my thoughts"

Bicycle, observational

Self-portrait (sigh, via photo)
Conte crayon

Acrylic paint
*Note: this was my third painting, from October 2008. It does not feel like an appropriate illustration of my current abilities, but I've always kind of liked this painting for its odd subject (and I don't even like ketchup).

Photo reference: unknown (oops)
Oil paint


  1. These are amazing! My bf's dad is a graphic design prof. and my bf and all of his three brothers are super artistic. My mom majored in art and taught it, but somehow it skipped me! So weird! These are very good by the way, I especially love the scratch board one.

  2. Wow, these are really good.
    I love the bicycle and the pen drawing above it :)

  3. wow, these are amazing! i love the colors you used in your self portrait. i'd have to say my favorite is the 4th one (with the scissors), love the lines and contrast.

    i used to paint a lot and i even wanted to be an artist, but i haven't had the time. :( maybe i'll upload my old sketches too one day. :)

    anyway, thanks for sharing your work! :)

  4. Love the scissors and the ketchup bottle.

  5. These are phenonimnal!!! (sp?)


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