Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Forget

Cardigan - H&M, dress - Target, bracelet - Ideeli, necklace - thrift, boots - Doc Marten

Yesterday's outfit was lackluster, so here I am today, Wednesday. The weather doesn't quite match last weekend's, but I'll deal. After all, 60 degrees is warm enough in my mind to ditch tights and pants if I so choose. Break starts on Friday (my birthday!!) which means teachers are piling work on us. I can't remember which tests I have when - needless to say, I'm already anticipating Friday night.

Picked up some falafel from a place in the city on my way home from an appointment... so delicious, especially with tabuli salad and hummus. Yum.

Hope you're all well and surviving the week! xox Catherine


  1. Omg, I love Mediterranean food! Man, I am hungry now, Ima have to go get me some falafel ;)
    Cute outfit, I like how you wear the boots.

  2. Cute! I just wore a red cardigan and white dress the other day too, the beautiful weather just called for something like it :]

  3. I love the red/white combo. Heck, I love red.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. awesome outfit. i really like your girly but cool style. :)

    btw i didn't know you were in high school until you mentioned you had to take the SATs. i thought you were in college! you look too cool for school. ;)

    & thanks so much for following me! i'm honored! :)


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