Friday, March 19, 2010

Born to just never care

Cardigan - my mom, tshirt - American Apparel, necklace - antique mall, skirt - Target, shoes - Kimchi Blue

Despite everything that went wrong today, I'm keeping my head up. It's nearly impossible to be upset when the weather's this beautiful. After a dreadful, disastrous winter, it's nice to be able to enjoy some fresh air. 71 degrees - it's perfect. All that's missing is little flowers on the trees... for now. Come May, everything will be lush and green.

I'm not too sure of my plans for this evening, but tomorrow I venture into the city (as I do every Saturday morning) for my jewelry class. I really enjoy it - though I'm not as skilled in crafts as I am in traditional media (painting, drawing, etc.), it's so relaxing. Crafts just require continuous attention, otherwise something could go wrong... and it doesn't really give me an opportunity to think too much about stuff that's not important.

Hope all is well with you, xox Catherine


  1. Ohh I have that skirt in red and black :)
    I love them they go with everything.
    Cute outfit :)

  2. I love your cardigan :] You're right, crafts do require so much attention and focus! Which is probably why I end up having to rip seams occassionally when I hard to focus allll the time!

  3. Oooh, your outfit looks amazing comfy. Hope your day got better!


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