Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Cardigan - vintage via mom, top - Cooperative, cuff - antique via grandma, jeans - Delia's, boots - Deena and Ozzy

I would probably elect to wear this bracelet everyday if it wasn't so substantial. I always feel so much more careful about pieces that belong(ed) to my family members because I imagine the memories they've had... Anyway, today's my birthday! I'm quite immature about it, despite my seventeen years. I don't even feel old. I had an early dismissal from school, and I ended up playing with puppies and getting a new phone. I'm really fascinated by it - it has internet! Whoa, I finally have a phone that's "up-to-date." And puppies are always adorable... definitely a part of a good day to enhance it or a bad day to make me feel better.

Along with being my birthday, it's my first day of spring break! I haven't much planned for this weekend except hanging out with some friends, but during the week I'll be heading up to New York. I'm excited!

Have a fabulous weekend, xox Catherine


  1. gorgeous outfit!
    the cuff is so pretty

  2. yes! i get to be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your blog!

    i can't believe we're the same age! i definitely thought you were a college student. anyway, best of luck and i hope you have a rockin' time in ny! i just started spring break as well and i'm so psyched!

    g'bless ya & may all your wishes come true. you are the epitome of cool. :)

    erin ;)

  3. Oh how lovely, Happy Birthday!!
    Great bracelet and outfit :)

  4. Happy birthday! And lucky your on break...mine ended last week but I wish it wasn't over!

    Cute cute cardigan :]

  5. Beautiful outfit!
    Happy belated birthday, and I hope you have wonderful weekend :)

  6. The top are cardigan look so great together! Love both pieces.

  7. Happy, happy birthday! I can't wait to turn 17- less than a month for me!

    Enjoy spring break- mine just ended. :(

  8. Happy Birthday, girl! May you have a wonderful year until your 18th birthday! Also, I love your lace cardigan!

  9. happy belated birthday! really cute blouse & love your shoes :)

  10. I did congrats you on Twitter - I hope you saw that, hah. But I can also say it here: Happy belated birthday! :-D

    Anyways, your boots and cardigan are so great! Have a great trip to NY, lucky girl!


  11. Lovely cardigan <3
    Happy Birthday!!:)

  12. Happy Birthday!

    I love your outfit, especially your cuff :) Have a great weekend!


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