Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spreading Holiday Cheer...

I feel like this title is a joke because I'm such a scrooge. Christmas music drives me insane, I find all decorations to be tacky, the scent of pine makes me feel nauseous. But this year I've been quite fond of shopping for other people because I finally have a job and my own funds to purchase gifts for them.

And listen, I've been sick since Thursday. I stayed home yesterday and I called out of work today. Within this time period, I've completed some serious shopping that I simply don't have the time for. Let's just say Visa gift cards are the best thing ever. And I've enhanced an obsession: online sample sale websites.

I've ordered from a few, including one from which I bought my sister an awesome perfume that we've never been able to find anywhere.

I know that all of you probably have accounts on numerous of these websites already, but in case you don't...
Rue La La - get a $10 credit when you click the link!

HauteLook - one of the more popular ones, but I'd highly recommend it (this is the one I bought the aforementioned perfume from; the Lollia sale has since ended, but Pixi cosmetics, anyone?)

Beyond the Rack - I've never purchased from here, but I'm definitely checking out the Ray Ban sale tomorrow (you know, to buy a gift for myself? haha).

Ideeli - they're wonderful. There's a current/elliot sale going on right now and I'm so tempted to buy myself a pair of awesome jeans. But I'll resist...

Gilt - the famous Gilt Groupe... shall I mention I'm anxiously awaiting 12pm (three minutes) to see the holiday beauty sale? (And Gilt Fuse isn't too shabby either...)

Reverse - the less expensive spinoff of Revolve... not as much as a flash sale, but quite wonderful.

I think that covers the invite-only super sale websites. And I'm just wondering how the holidays are kind of affecting me to be this cheerful...

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