Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You won't be needing me tonight.

Cropped blazer - H&M, tshirt - AE, skirt - Target, tights - Whole Foods, shoes - Deena and Ozzy.

I think I can finally say I'm somewhat balanced. The holiday season at work has ended (good riddance!), I've been out of school for the past week, and I've been spending time with wonderful people. I still have some issues - of course, they're always present. But I do feel that I'm ending the year on a good note. Let's just hope this NYE is better than last year's (which involved sitting in my dining room, by myself, listening to my iPod, yeah.).

Today has been relatively un-busy... I slept in, went to an appointment, and basically just hung out. And I believe I will be going to my friend's house shortly, which means I'll probably change out of these clothes into something warmer. Philadelphia weather, you are far too cold for my liking.

But I thoroughly enjoy these shoes. They're comfortable, feel a little bad ass, and they're so cool. Anyway...

Went into the city on Monday and found this cool thing. I much prefer cities to boring old suburbs.

Hope you're all well, and in case I don't post before then - HAPPY NEW YEAR! xox Catherine


  1. Those are some pretty cool shoes! The strings crossing is unexpected but cute.

  2. Did you get your coat from Simon's? I'm pretty sure we have the same one!
    Where'd you get the bag?


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