Saturday, December 12, 2009

I just...

Ordered these:

From Spanish Moss Vintage. A pretty hefty price tag for a pair of beaten up DMs (came to $71.33 altogether), but there's no way I could buy new ones and I need some boots I can do stuff in without worrying about damaging them. I know they're on their way out of being in style probably, but they seem quite practical for me at the time being. So there.


  1. Those are cute, and I think you made a sensible buy.

    And in reference to your other post, I find Christmas time pretty annoying as well. The only good part is no school and time to actually relax.

  2. i actually dont think docs will ever be out of style .. but i guess thats a steep price to pay for worn ones ... shame on overpricing ... but at least they are "perfectly worn in "


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