Saturday, December 19, 2009


1 - Aldo, 2 - Topshop, 3 - Oasis, 4 - Modcloth, 5 - Vegetarian Shoes, 6 - BB Dakota, 7 - Oasis

Nevermind that Christmas is in less than a week and surely gifts have been purchased for me.

Where I'd like to be:

But instead, if I choose to venture outdoors, I'll be greeted by a foot and a half of snow and dim Christmas lights. I hate winter, I need to get out of here. And I hate mentioning stuff like this, but the most excitement I could think of right now would involve a few drinks and sleds...

Credit: Flickr, Tumblr.

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  1. I luv No. 1 and 3 and I totally wish I was there too. I live in England and it's cold. Freezing, in fact. Please check out my blog at:


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