Friday, May 22, 2009

I Want 5/22/09

1. Sunglasses - Forever 21, $6; 2. Dress - Forever 21, $20; 3. Fedora - Forever 21, $13; 4. Sunscreen - Nature's Gate, $8; 5. Belt - Forever 21, $8; 6. Sandals - Urban Outfitters, $60; 7. Handbag - Urban Outfitters, $70

Summer essentials. After much frustration producing this (Photobucket wasn't working, Polyvore won't upload Photobucket images anyway, etc.), here is my wishlist I've been dreaming about. Notice there's only a titch of black, and it's on the hat. I have never purchased a hat, but I'm going to try to protect my hair this summer, as well as my skin with cruelty free sunscreen. I always lust over the many bags at Urban, but this one is particularly appealing. Not to mention the sandals I thought I would want to cry about because they'd surely be leather are actually polyurethane (bad for the environment, but I can't bring myself to buy any new leather items).

All of this is a little different for me, but this summer I'm going to try to change things up. I want to set aside a specific time to run everyday although I literally cannot run, and I want to get dressed almost everyday rather than sitting in shorts and a tank top.

I'm convinced today is Saturday, but it's only Friday! So to all - have a fantastic weekend. I'm going to try to post again throughout the weekend, but it's the unofficial start of the summer season, so why not make it extra special?

xox Catherine


  1. so that means were gonna go see new outfits yay!
    thats always good!
    by the way i love the dress and the bag is perfect!


  2. those gladiators are incredible! great blog!


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