Friday, May 22, 2009


Cardigan - Lux from Plato's Closet, dress - Billabong, belt - Target, shoes - Kohl's.

Today has been quite wonderful. I think that dressing up may have something to do with it... Yeah, I dressed up just for the hell of it. I'm comfy, what difference does it make if I'm wearing a dress? It's a bit wrinkled, but I kind of threw all of this on. Notice without the sunglasses there's no black. Don't get me wrong, I love black, but I decided to throw on random colors and tada. I think I'd prefer this dress with a turquoise belt and brown sandals, but I have neither, so what can we do? Oh, and I bought some new nude lipstick for $2 at Urban. I love cheap stuff.

Again... have a fabulous day! xox Catherine


  1. That dress is such a pretty shade of purple! And the way you wore the belt goes nice with the outfit.

  2. oh i love this dress. i love cheap stuff too
    its the best!!!

  3. YOU ARE TOO CUTE! seriously, your hair is perfect, and your smile is so lovely. you warmed my soul today

    love always
    hope to hear from you again and again and again :)

  4. Really love the color of this dress! So pretty!


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