Thursday, May 21, 2009

Accept your life and what it brings.

Tshirt - Forever 21, shorts - old from Pacsun, belt - old from Hot Topic, sneakers - Converse, jewelry - mom's and fleamarket, sunglasses - Forever 21.

Yeah, simple. But unbelievably comfy. I really love the color of this $4.50 tshirt and I have a feeling I'll try to wear it nearly every day during summer (speaking of summer, only 30ish days to go [including weekends] depending on which finals I'm exempt from!). I'm off for the long four day weekend, so even though I'm currently being pressured to "get off the computer!" I'll probably write later. Expect a wish list? Yesss.

PS My past two titles have been from the song "Better Things" by the Bouncing Souls. Such an upbeat song!

xox Catherine


  1. mmm, perfect summery outfit :) you can never go wrong with a forever 21 tee.

  2. such a laid back outfit , i love it paired with chucks

  3. Simple is the best for this heat. Love the color <3

  4. That colour really suits you and the accessories are beautiful! :) x

  5. I'm probably going to live in t-shirts this summer, which, for me, is basically 3 days away!
    I really like that purple flower bracelet.

  6. Nice outfit, love the shorts in combination with Allstars!


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