Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes it rains

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Aldo
Vest - gift, tshirt - Pacsun, pants - borrowed, jewelery - various, shoes - Aldo

First, I would like to address that my skin color is hardly a result of indoor lighting. It's really that dark. Crazy, I know... I just want to be pale again! Second, it was raining so I went in my room for photos - perhaps you notice a few changes?

I'm so behind with posting - I wore this on Monday! And my only real reason for not posting it then is because I was in the middle of Cape May posts, in case you were curious.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Aldo
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Aldo

These pants belong to my sister, and they're still sitting on my bedroom floor... my room's an absolute mess, but she's now at college and they're here so I figure I might take them out for a few spins before she comes home again.

Also, I've broken my streak of not shopping - sorta, I guess this ring can be considered the start of the end. I've purchased two dresses and a new handbag, the latter which will be debuted in my next post.

And finally, I'm announcing the giveaway winner: comment #4, anna! Thanks to all who entered!

xox Catherine

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