Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cape May odds & ends

The aesthetic of Cape May is a far cry from what one would imagine the "Jersey Shore" to be... although my brother and I jokingly spotted a "guido convention" while dining at a beachfront restaurant.

The colorful Victorian houses are so dreamy - I imagine the interiors are decorated in a similar fashion, but I love to picture modern decor inside any of these. Most of these were built in the late 1800's and are historic landmarks. I'm not sure how many of those pictured are, but it seems that almost every house in Cape May is a bed and breakfast.

I fell in love with the house pictured directly above.

Below: two images of Sunset Beach taken before my camera's battery died, two images of me being a goofball at the beach. Apparently, I have a thing for smirking while tilting my head to the side.

xox Catherine


  1. oh my gosh, this is like my DREAM come true! haha. I love nothing as much as victorian homes. Someday, I will own one! These are beautiful! Looks like a lovely vacation :) Also, your swimsuit is so cute!

  2. Looks so nice, I love those homes! Great blogs

  3. I loveee that last photo. :] Plus, your sunglasses are super cool! And I love New Jersey - where I was born and raised. There's nothing like home! So thanks for sharing these. :)


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