Monday, May 31, 2010

Tales of a Wanderer

Dress - Volcom, belt - thrifted, bracelet - Amrita Signh via Ideeli, bag - old from Pacsun, shoes - Keds via Chictopia

This isn't exactly a confession, but there's probably nothing that makes me feel more free than an "adventure." I suppose everyone has a different definition of adventure... but mine includes something as simple as sitting beneath a tall tree in an otherwise open field. I'm hardly in touch with nature - I'm not so far away from trees and such that I take deliberate trips to "the middle of nowhere," but then again, the suburbs are hardly known for vast woods. I've been in the so-called woods around here, and they're small and often trash filled... sometimes even including a trampoline that some friends of mine would dub Brigadoon. (In case you were wondering, yes, I did just mention the destination of some past adventures.)

Listen: I'm a nerd. I look forward to things way too easily and I obsess over mere ideas. With that being said, I intended to go on an adventure today - through a few trees to reveal an overgrown field with sporadic trees to provide shade for visitors. Never mind that it's probably trespassing... I'm a teenager. I'm obligated to make memories.

After numerous sets of plans fell through, I settled for taking my dog for a walk. But upon my arrival at my neighborhood park, it hardly felt like I was settling. Naturally, it was empty, considering the dangers that lurk every suburban corner these days. (I don't know what's with it - there's a ton of children in my neighborhood that only seem to leave their front doors for extravagant birthday parties complete with moon bounces, but apparently, playing outside involves too much of a risk.) It was almost sad - the same playground at which I had spent nearly every summer night of my early childhood had been spray painted and overgrown with weeds.

I suppose the vandalism is just a result of the angst that we suburban teenagers posses, and I suppose the weeds are just as natural as the grass I walked through. Perhaps it was just my past oasis, and any flaws were overlooked.

I'll leave my story at that. I won't over-analyze a simple "walk in the park." I didn't come to any shattering conclusions while pondering my thoughts in the park, so I won't come to any conclusions here, either. Though I'm almost inspired to revive the playground, for now, it will just be a destination of my aimless wandering, when I desire to aimlessly reflect.

xox Catherine

PS Please overlook any spelling or grammatical errors. It's past 1AM. I am tired, but I often think best when I am in this certain ratio of tiredness/energy. However, my words are often unclear, etc. So pardon me.


  1. Your dress is so simple yet SOOO cute!! I love your hair in these pictures.

  2. What a great story, simple but great :) And what a great outfit too! :)

  3. i know how you feel. the kids in my neighborhood never leave the TV, unless they're buying food from the corner store or hanging out on someone's stoop. i wish there was a place for them to spend their time.

  4. i love the simplicity of your post and outfit!! i can totally relate! i, myself went out for some biking today just to get out of the house and rid myself of the laptop and tv..

    Animated Confessions

  5. that dress looks so good on you and i love how you paired them with the floral shoes
    too cute!

  6. I like your belt. I always come across them while thrifting, but I can never seem to find the right one.

  7. i'm loving your combo of that bag and shoes! they are perfect together. :)


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