Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Jacket - Silence and Noise, sweatshirt - American Apparel, cardigan - BDG, dress (worn as top) - Forever 21, jeans - Delia's, necklace - thrift, bracelet - antique, shoes - Deena and Ozzy

I've never worn a sweatshirt on here, but I kinda like how hoodies and leather jackets mix. It's kind of typical, I guess, but I'm opting to avoid wearing a coat because of my spring mindset. Note to me: it's not spring.

I'm a little anxious right now... but I'll be fine. I had a Stat test today, which I bombed, but otherwise my day was fine. I need to learn how to pay attention in school!

I love the versatility of these body conscious dresses. I wear them underneath to keep warm, as dresses, as skirts, as tops... it's endless. Well, not really, but more versatile than a plain old tshirt I suppose.

Happy Tuesday, guys! xox Catherine


  1. Gorgeous jacket! <3

    xoxo M.

  2. ii love your jacket
    and this outfit really works on you!!

  3. I love wearing dresses as tops! Love your shoes, too.

  4. I like how you mixed the girly florals and necklace with the rockin' jacket; lovely look. :) I've been looking for a jacket like that (they never fit me too :P ); maybe I'll come across one someday. :)

  5. Wee, you have ring on your nose!! Wicked :D
    And your blue wall is pretty awesome, I want to paint mine purple.


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